Sunday, August 31, 2008

One of My Biggest Joys :)

Joy ... Webster defines it as "a very glad feeling; happiness; great pleasure; delight." God gives us joy in many forms - yay! I have found that my BIGGEST joy in life is the PEOPLE God has given me. :) And one of my joys is Christina Adams!

Many of you, who read my blog, do not know who Christina is. The short version is that she is an awesome girl in my youth group! She and I have slowly become good friends over the past couple of years, and I consider her to be one of my greatest joys. She is a girl with amazing potential! She is a leader among her peers, a good friend to those around her, thoughtful, hilarious, and full of strong convictions. She has a really good head on her shoulders; she doesn't let the stupidity of immaturity and peer pressure weigh her down or sway her from the Truth. She loves Jesus and wants to do what is right in His eyes. She is a good example for others to follow. I just think a lot of her!

One of my favorite things about her is super simple but super hilarious! She gives the best "looks" I've ever seen! She is right up front with you when it comes to the looks she gives. Ha! When she thinks you are acting retarded, she lets you know by giving you "the Christina look." This is a classic! I cannot describe it to you other than to say that you KNOW when you've said or done something dumb when you get this look. And I mean all of this is a GOOD way! It makes me laugh and feel good good about myself. ... Yep! You're probably wondering how someone giving me the "Mical, you're retarded" look can make me feel good, but "the Christina look" is priceless! I LOVE to make her give me that look! It makes my day! It is hilarious!

And Christina IS hilarious! She is just a funny gal! Part of it is that she is incredibly blunt sometimes - she tells it how it is and doesn't beat around the bush! She cracks me up! And I love it when she laughs (especially when she laughs at me!). It is way too much fun! ... I still remember when she was in 7th grade ... we went to CIY (Christ in Youth summer conference) with the youth group, and we bunked together. It was just me and her in a room all week long. I got more "Christina looks" that week than the rest of my time knowing her combined! I was the old, high schooler who shared her room. She was in 7th grade ... I was a junior in high school. We made each other laugh all week. I don't really remember much about that week ... but I do remember "Christina looks," laughing with her (a lot), and good time with God. It was a really fun week and one of my favorite memories of Christina! She is simply a wonderful girl ... a huge blessing to me ... my friend ... and one of my biggest joys! Love you, Hurricane! :D

My Second Church Family

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so INCREDIBLY blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Body of Christ is probably the most amazing thing ever! God really knew what He was doing when He called us to come together to worship Him TOGETHER, seek Him TOGETHER, grow more in love with Him TOGETHER, and love on each other TOGETHER! And what I'm so excited about is that I don't have just one Body of Christ ... I have TWO!!! Granted, the Body of Christ is a universal thing ... all Christians everywhere are apart of the Body of Christ ... but I'm talking about the local Body. We each have a church home ... a place where God CALLS us to be apart, to serve, to love, to grow ... (And yes, Ben Nilsen, I AM CALLED TO CALVARY CHAPEL! ... Ha ha!). *A side note (as always!) ... Ben and I were talking at lunch today after church, and when I told him how I am called to Calvary, he told me I wasn't ... that he had talked to God and that I was really supposed to be at Grace. Goofball. Sheesh! ... Ha ha! I LOVE Grace Fellowship! I would not mind a bit if God called me there someday ... but for now, I'm confident in my calling at Calvary. But anyways! Let's try to get back on track! ... So we are all called to specific places in the Body ... we all have a local Body to be apart of. I am called to Calvary Chapel, and the people of Calvary are my church family ... it is my church home ... for sure! But what I love ... is that Grace Fellowship is kind of like a second church family. :) I have served and loved and been apart of this great church, even though I don't go to church there! The families at this place are amazing! Truly loving and seeking the Lord ... full of encouragement and love ... and it is a blessing to be a "member" of this Body.

I went to church at Grace this morning .... Pastor Warren was preaching on Psalm 73, and the last few verses of that Psalm are one of my all-time favorite parts of scripture ... and something I REALLY NEED right now! Didn't want to miss it! And Ben was bringing his friend Megan, and I wanted to meet her. And! We (my Grace folks and I) were hanging out this afternoon ... good reasons to go, right? So I walked in, and I knew nearly everyone! That is pretty amazing when you know most of the people in a church and you don't even go there!!! I said hi to Frank Bennett ... a fun guy who calls me "mom" and "Miss Safety" all the time - you'll have to ask me the story sometime. And I talked to Jeremy - right up there with Pastor Mike on the best youth pastors ever list! And I got a hug from Cindy and Kim Svoma and Pam. Pam told me she had been thinking and praying for me! What a blessing! And Marty came up and talked to me ... really caring to know what was happening in my life. :) And I got a smile from Kayla ... the cutest girl ever! And Judy Nilsen came right up to me and gave me a hug - a hug just for me! And I got a hug from Warren. And I had a good conversation with Sallie. ......... It was just a really great morning! And then lunch with my Grace folks was great! I got to sit and talk to Alec, someone I think is super great but never get to talk to ... and Ben turned from his table to give me a hard time ... always a hoot! And James Nilsen spit a spitwad at me! And Jared shook my hand. ... So yeah ... that's a long list of blessings from Grace! It was a muchly needed (yes, I know that muchly isn't a word ... but I think it is a spectacular word!) boost. A boost from my second church family!

Sometimes I marvel at how God's grace is poured into my life ... how He can (and does!) bless me the way He does. The friendships, the mentors, the encouragement and support that He pours into my life through the PEOPLE He has put in my life is beyond amazing! I have TWO church families ... it really doesn't get any better than this!!!! I love you, Grace folks!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Cookie Cutter Friend (Part 3)

Okay, so I did a little homework ... but I'm gonna have to do the rest later this weekend. I have been go, go, go all week! I'm taking a break! ... AND! I have another story to tell! It happened recently, and it just popped into my mind earlier today! I couldn't wait to post about it! Yes!!!

Back to the Cookie Cutters ...

This is one of my favorite moments with my bosom buddy, Emily! ... We were having a girls night at her house, and here's the story. Again, another simple one, but oh, so much fun! Emily and I rented a movie and went to Kroger for some ice cream. (Cookie Dough!) We went to the organic side of the store first ... 'cause Em's a crazy non-meat, healthy eater. (Sheesh maneesh ... ha ha!) Then we went to Fatsville or Junk Food City (whichever you'd like) - that's where I shop! ;) After she got her healthy, pretend ice cream and I got my real, yummy ice cream (he he!), we headed to the check out. We decided to be brave and go through the U-scan. I say brave because I am afraid of those "do it yourself" things ... mostly because I am too proud. I am always afraid that I'm gonna hit the wrong button, or my food won't scan, or I won't be able to find where the money slot is .... and that I'll hold up the line, or an employee will have to come help me, or the talking lady on the screen will yell at me, or something crazy ... and I'll look stupid. (If you think I'm joking ... I'm sorry. I am totally serious!) But anyways ... we must have been feeling brave. And we went through the U-scan. We put our stuff up there and pressed the screen, scanned our handy Kroger plus card, and then that scary lady said, "Welcome valued customer." I said, "thanks," and we scanned our items. Okay ... so we got done, and as we were grabbing our bags and as that lady was (still) talking, Emily turns to the U-scan machine, smiles, and waves. .... Yep ... if you didn't catch that, Emily actually smiled and waved goodbye to the U-scan! Ha ha! Way too much fun!!!!! We laughed about it all the way out of Kroger and then again when we got in the car. It was a great bosom buddy moment! ... I still think it's because that U-scan machine wouldn't stop talking ... it talks! Just like a human! How can she NOT think, for just a moment, that she should be courteous and say goodbye?!? Ha ha! Fun times.

Emily and I have had many fun moments together! Lots of goofy, bosom buddy stuff. She is great! She's my other half! We've always said that God made one being when He made us, and then split us up into two bodies. He just gave us some personality differences and some this and that differences so that we could balance each other out. Ya know ... she's a vegetarian; I eat nothing BUT meat! ;) She likes pink; I'm a big fan of black. She's sweet and conservative; I'm LOUD and obnoxious! Ha ha! We're quite a pair! :D But yeah ... I pretty much really love Emily Nicole Karas. She is my bosom buddy, my #1 role-model, my encouragement sister, and so many other things! I want to be just like Emily when I grow up! Love you, love! :D

Smiles and Laughter! :)

Okay! One more post for today! I REALLY need to get to my homework!

Smiling and laughing are two of my all-time favorite things to do. Yep, you should try 'em sometime! Amazing stuff! These actions not only make YOU feel better, but they make EVERYONE else feel better too! Try it. I mean it ... like RIGHT NOW! :D

Well, my friend, Kim Svoma, brings amazing smiles and laughter to my life. She is one of those mentor kind of people in my life. An older lady ... (Whoa! NOT old, old ... I mean older than I am ... ya know, she has a career and a husband and has been through more of life ... that's all I mean by the word old. Ha ha!) ... An older lady who has kind of taken me under her wing ... her wing of fun, smiles, laughter, and support. We have actually become good friends! She's one of those amazing Grace people! Yep, Grace Fellowship Church! That's the one I'm talkin' about! It's my second church family and home! The people there are so amazing I don't know what to do with myself! My friend, Ben Nilsen, is trying to convert me ... but I'm not giving in ... yet. ;) But yeah! Kim is from Grace. A great place! A great woman! And we are becoming good friends. :)

About a month ago, now .... we went out to dinner. We met for the purpose of me picking something up from her, but we decided to make an evening out of it ... probably because we got to Los Rancheros (a great mexican restaurant that you ALL should try sometime!), and some of the first words out of her mouth were, "I forgot the stuff I was supposed to bring you." It gave us a good laugh. :) So we made an evening of it!

Kim is a talker (and I mean that in a GOOD way!). She loves to sit and talk to people about what's going on in their lives. And she always brings humor into it somehow. She is such a hoot! So we sat down and talked about all the things I was excited about at the time. Something really big and fun had happened recently, and it was fun to tell her all about it! We had a great time ... lots of smiling and laughing. :) After dinner, we headed to her house to pick up what she forgot to bring. And it turned into an incredible evening of fun! We laid on her bed and stared at the ceiling for close to an hour talking about life and other fun things. Then ... ha! We went upstairs and I tried on nearly every outfit she owns! Actually, she was getting rid of a lot of clothes, and she's about my size. So I tried on some fun clothes (Free clothes! - Sweet!). Then! She found some fun dresses, and she said I had to try them on! ... I'm not a dress kind of person. I own two. One I wore to prom my senior year and the other I bought specifically for all the weddings I'm going to this year. I'm just a tomboy at heart. But it was fun trying on the dresses. It was just a great night full of smiles and laughter and genuine friendship!

Kim has been a great friend full of support and love for me. I am excited to continue our friendship! Let the smiles and laughter continue!!! :D

Smiley Face Fruit Snacks :)

Too much fun! :)

Okay. Simple joys. Do you have them? Do have something (or somethingS) that is so simple (and maybe even silly) that makes you happy? I have lots of those things. It is fun to have simple joys in life. Something I find myself saying to my friend James Nilsen a lot is "It's the simple things." 'Cause he gets excited about little things all the time ... like goldfish crackers, for example. ;) (It's one of my favorite things about him!) But anyways ... I have lots of little things that make me happy. ... When people I don't know say "hi" or smile at me, I get really excited. I was telling my youth at Calvary that I "stare" people down when I walk on campus. Ha! I put "stare" in quotation marks because when my youth heard me say that I stare people down, they thought I literally stared them down (ya know, the creepy "you better look at me, or I'm gonna eat you alive" kind of staring). They all gave me the most hilarious, freaked out, "Mical, you are weird!" kind of looks, and then I told them that I simply don't look down or look away like everyone (and their mom) seems to do. Do you know what I mean? When you walk by people ... no matter where you are ... most people will do everything they can NOT to look you in the eye! What is up with that? ... Okay. Chill out, Mical. So to say all of that ... I really like it when people smile and say hello to me ... especially when I don't know them. It is a simple joy in my life. I also really like it when people sing ... whether they are good or not ... I love to hear people sing. Especially if they are in a public place for everyone to hear! And I like sweet tea. Oh, man! Do I like sweet tea! It is like heaven in a glass. It is one of those "comfort" drinks. It just makes me feel better. A simple joy.

Okay ... so those are some examples of some simple joys in my life. Don't you love my tangents? ;) ... Well, today I had a "simple joy" moment. I was at Wal-Mart picking up something for my mom, and I passed by the snack isle. ... Another side note - I have been on an emotional roller coaster for a really long time ... and today has been kind of an up and down day ... I'm good one minute and bummed out the next ... just a lot on my mind. - So yeah ... I was really needing a pinch of joy ... in the form of a smile, actually. And I got it. I passed the snack isle and I saw these smiley face fruit snacks for $1.44. (Don't you love Wal-Mart's "always low prices"?) ;) I got really excited! Yep, my heart jumped for joy! I was needing a smile ... and I didn't get just one, I got a WHOLE BAG OF SMILES!!! So I picked up the bag and grinned all the way to the check out counter. ... If you don't know why that is such a great story, then I think you need to start appreciating the simple things in life. 'Cause it's a really GREAT story! :D

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Ha ha! So let's take a break from CCF. :)

I wanna tell you about some special goldfish!!!! The BEST goldfish in the world!!! This is a very simple story, but it is one of my favorites ... and always will be. Yep, it's true, James Nilsen - always will be! :D

So we (me, James, Hannah, Tiff, and James Cranny) all went to Hannah, Tiffany, and Maggie's apartment after a Calvary-Grace softball game one night this summer. ... Or was it one Sunday night after youth group? Sheesh. I don't remember. But anyway! We were heading there to watch School of Rock or Napolean Dynamite ... man, I don't remember that either!! (Some of the BEST movies EVER!) ... James and James and Hannah and Tiff stopped for snacks, and I met them there after youth group was over. (I help out with the youth at my church ... for those who don't know.) :) So we get there and settle in. Then James (Nilsen) pulls out a bag of goldfish and asks if anyone wants some. James (Cranny) and I both took a handful. About 5 minutes later, James turns to me and asks, "Hey, Mical. Do you want some goldfish?" I smile at him (since he asked me not too long ago), and said, "No, thanks, James. I'm good." ... Or something to that affect. About a minute later, he asks again, "Hey, Mical. Do you want some goldfish?" ... As he points the bag in my direction. I started laughing (as I often do). Then about 10 seconds later ... "Hey, Mical. Do you want some goldfish?" I started laughing harder and probably called him a "goof" or something similar. This went on for a couple of minutes ... eventually, he got the hint that I did not want more goldfish. Good times.

Later that night, as we were pulling out of Settler's Run (their apartment complex) ... James was heading one way, and I was heading the other. As we turned to leave the stop sign, he grabbed his bag of goldfish and held them up to his window ... gave a huge grin ... and then I got a text message that said, "Goldfish?"

A few weeks later, he got me a present. He wrapped it in a Starbucks bag and told me I couldn't open it until 11pm. He said, "You can't shake it or tip it or move it around." And he made me grab the bag from the top. Hilarious. I opened it at 11:01pm. And whatta ya know? It was a bag of goldfish. ....... One of the best gifts I've ever received! And ya know ... I think it always will be. Because it was a GREAT inside joke ... but more so because it is from James Nilsen!!! One of my favorite guys in the whole wide world - for always. :)

And that's my story about James Nilsen ... a guy who's right up there with his brother, Ben - on the most amazing guys ever list! He may not know how much I love him (in the non-scary, friend/we're spending eternity together kind of way, of course!) ... but he should now, right?! ;)

You are a picture of Jesus in my life, James Nilsen! So glad we ARE friends!

...... Hey, James! Want some goldfish? ;)

Cookie Cutter Friend (Part 2)

Sweet! It is time for part 2 of my Cookie Cutter Friend series! (Yep! Calm yourself! I know you're excited!)

Okay! So my next CCF is Ben Nilsen! Yep, the only guy of the CCF club! :D ........ Have you ever had one of those friends whom you look up to so much you don't know what to do with yourself? One of those friends whom you are awed by because of all God is doing in their life and THROUGH their life? All the work they are doing for the Kingdom? All the encouragement they pour out? All the love and care they share? All the godly wisdom? One of those friends who pushes you to be MORE than your best? (And the list could keep going!) ........ Well, that is Ben Nilsen in my life!

The most amazing guy I know! So I had to put him on my blog ... and under the CCF posting!

Lately, he has been pushing me ... as he always does ... to step out in the ministries I'm called to - and so much further! He has challenged me to disciple! To disciple those around me. Whether they be on campus, in our group of friends, in my youth group ... he keeps asking me what I'm doing to disciple, how I'm doing it, and gives me extra encouragement and wisdom to continue. Other than Shelley Chambers, I have never had a friend do that! To push me to be MORE than I think I can be! To love me through it, encouragement through it, and help me do it all! ... And ya know? I help him too. :) It is a mutual thing! We encourage each other to step out for Jesus!

Just the other day ... wow! Yesterday! I e-mailed him to share my excitement about a couple of conversations I had on campus. Earlier in the week, Ben and I talked about ministries on campus and how to love people into the Kingdom. I asked him something like, "Ben, how do you do it? Do you just walk up to people and say 'Whatta think about Jesus?'" He kind of laughed. He simply said that he just talks to people. He goes out of his way to strike up conversations with people everywhere he goes, but specifically on campus. I got all loud and excited (as I ALWAYS do!) and told him about how I have always wanted to do that but that I'm not THAT outgoing naturally. So we talked about it some more ......... and yesterday (!), I did it! I was sitting outside, eating my lunch, on campus ... a girl sat down just a little ways off. I didn't really notice her at first, but then I just got up, walked over to her, sat down, and started talking to her!!!!!!! After she left for class, another girl who had been sitting near by sat right down next to me and started talking to me! ..... I almost fell off my seat - I was so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I got home last night, I e-mailed Ben about it! And later that night we talked for several minutes about how excited we both were!!!!!!!!!!!! ... Some of you are probably thinking, "Wow, Mical. Freak out. What's the big deal?" ;) But oh, it IS a big deal! That's the first step to REAL ministry on campus for me! ..... And I tell that story to say that I can't share that kind of excitement with anyone but Ben. ... I probably have something with each of my friends that I get excited about ... that I share with them and only them. And my (SUPER) excitement about ministry and discipleship is something that Ben and I get excited about! You all should find an excited Jesus Man friend too!

Okay ... so I am super long-winded. I can't help it! But Ben Nilsen is one of those friends who pushes me, encourages me, and keeps me goin'! I'm pretty thankful for you, Ben Nilsen!

Cookie Cutter Friend (Part 1)

Cookies! We all love cookies, don't we? I mean ... who COULDN'T like cookies!? Chocolate chip. Peanut Butter. M&M's. Oatmeal. Oreos! They are just GOOD!

Well, friends are a lot like cookies. Especially those I like to call my "Cookie Cutter Friends." Cookie Cutter Friends (CCF) are those friends whom God cut out specifically for YOU (me, in this case). (Sure, God uses them in other people's lives too ... not just mine ... but ya know.) ;) ... CCF are those friends that God planned out at the beginning of time. .... Okay. So God plans EVERYTHING out. He knew exactly which friends I would have and how amazing they would be. But ya know ... I think God "cuts out" special friends for us too. ......... I know He did for me! They each have a very specific shape ... ya know, like when you cut out cookies. Like at Christmas time! You've got your ginger bread men shape and your Christmas tree shape and your Santa shape and your ornament shape, ect., ect. :) God cuts out friends for us in different shapes too.

I have a few very special friends who take on the "encouragement shape." All of my friends make different "shapes" in my life, but the few I want to talk about in my 4-part series are my COOKIE CUTTER FRIENDS! :D

I wanna talk about Hannah Baker first ... because she was my FIRST CCF! She was the one who inspired the term!!!! She is one of the most encouraging people I know! .... Sometimes I marvel at how God put her in my life for such a time as this! God knew that I was gonna be on an emotional roller coaster for a while during this transition period of my life (COLLEGE! CHANGING RELATIONSHIPS! CHANGING LIFE PLANS!). And He made Hannah Baker to come alongside me and help me through it all in a way that NO ONE else can! (Now, don't get me wrong! Hannah has MANY talents and abilities! God didn't make her JUST for me. He made her for others too. ;) ... Okay, just making sure you know I'm not limiting this amazing woman!) ;) But anyways! Hannah Baker is amazing! One of my closest friends, and I've only known her for a couple of years. We've only been good friends since Higher Ground started ... I think. (Don't kill me, Hannah, if it's been longer .... but I think it's safe to say, that we didn't really know each other before HG started.) (Wow, I love side tracks!) Oh, man! ;) ... She is one of the first people I go to for help, love, advice, encouragement, and prayer. She is ALWAYS there when I need her!

Just last week, I called her up because I needed some encouragement. I was really down ... about one thing in particular. I called her, and she could tell right away that I was coming over for more than just some hang out time. I got there and almost immediately asked her if she could pray for me. So we sat down on the couch, like we always do when I come over for comfort. She sat and listened while I poured out my heart. She's one of those friends who genuinely hurts when her friends hurt, which is an amazing blessing in and of itself! After I got done with my pity party (ha ha!), she simply prayed for me. (She's a good prayer, by the way!) We talked a little more afterwards and then watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. ... It was just one of those CCF moments! One of my best and most cherished friends - there, when I needed her most! As she always is!

So do you have Cookie Cutter Friends in your life? Those people that you KNOW God put at your side for a purpose!? A GREAT purpose!? Yep! You need to thank God for them, and tell them how much you love them! .... I love you, Hannah Joy Baker!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My IM Encourager :)

IM. Instant messanging. It's one of those things that some people think is completely stupid ... "Why don't you just call me instead of typing all of that out?" And others, like myself ... love it! I also don't like phones, but that's another story ... far too boring for this blog. So anyway! I think instant messanging is a great tool! A great tool for ministry, for encouragement, for staying in touch with friends you never get to see. - Man. Well, for some reason my "enter" key won't work, so this is going to be a run-together blog post. - Back to IMing ... I have a friend who is an amazing encouragement to me through the wonderful world of IM. We became friends in middle school and grew in teasing and laughter all through high school. We were good friends by the time it was all said and done. He is a really good guy and a good friend. And I never get to see him. But we chat online every week. He's one of those friends who has, and will always, stick by me ... whether we have the ability to chat on IM forever or not. He is always reminding me of my gifts, talents, and beauty (inside and out). He's one of those guys who never ceases to encourage me. I'm pretty thankful for him. :) - Still no "enter" key. Darn. I don't like it all running together, but I'll have to get over it. - So if you've never tried instant messaging, then I think you should give it a try! If you are online for any period of time, you should sign up for your own IM encourager! - My IM encourager is Brent Keppel. :) -

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Gentle Breeze from that Beach :)

So I have a new friend.

I must admit that I am super excited about this new friendship. She is a bit older than I am ... a mother, a teacher, a giver of godly wisdom and encouragement, genuine love and care, and ... a beach. Yep, a beach. Ha! That term, "beach," comes from one of her own blogs. For those who haven't read that post, she was basically reminding herself (and all those who read) that as women (even people in general), we need to beaches. One description of a beach that stands out from her post is that beaches bring gentle breezes. If you've ever had someone in your life who is a gentle breeze, you won't be confused by that term "beach." But for those who lack breezes, let me share with ya a little something about my new friend.

I haven't known her too long. I've known her sons for a few years, and yeah ... I guess I probably knew who she was during that time, but not really. But anyways ... recently, I have had joy in getting to know her a little better. I have found that she is one of the few people in my life who, although I haven't known her all that long, has become a cherished friend. Ya know what I'm talkin' about? Those people whom ya just have a close bond with right away ... after a couple of short conversations ... after a few brief times of seeing each other. It's kind of like a gentle breeze from that beach. A breeze comes and goes, and yet it is refreshing and sweet. On a hot day, that breeze feels amazing! I've had some "hot" days lately (days full of confusion and hurt and longing) ... but God has been bringing gentle breezes to refresh and comfort me. And my new friend is one of those gentle breezes. She has been there with godly encouragement, prayer, and support. Most of our conversations and meetings have been brief but oh, so cherished. :)

A couple of weeks ago, I was REALLY hurting! That weekend, I found out about a few big things that would change the course of my life's direction completely, and I was confused, hurt, emotional(!), and almost bitter. I and some of my friends decided to head for the tennis courts to enjoy the beautiful Sunday afternoon. I went. I shouldn't have. But I went. I was close to tears the entire day. My new friend was there; she came to watch her sons play. As I sat down next to her on the bleachers, she saw my pain ... even though I tried to hide it. She talked of God's faithfulness and how it never fails, and she gently rubbed my back. It was a small thing. But it was coming from someone I don't know very well, someone with whom I've had maybe half a dozen conversations with. It was a brush from that gentle breeze from the beach. She cared; she loved; she reminded me that God is faithful and that I am loved.

Do you have gentle breezes in your life? Thank God for them, and let them know they are loved!

... Oh, and my new friend is Judy Nilsen. :D

Whoa! It's the very first!

So, wow! It's my very first post. :)

I've never had a blog before. I was inspired by a couple of friends who have amazing blogs full of lessons learned and godly wisdom and insight. They share; I enjoy. So I thought I would give it a try, and hopefully I will do the same for some folks as well. ;)

This first post will be pretty short (Don't get used to it though - I'm a rambler!). Kind of an overview of why I'm on here at all. And that is ... because I want to tell stories about how great my friends are - to give joy to all those who read. And I want to give testimony to God's faithfulness in my life - to give hope to all those who read. :) I love to write; I love to brag about how amazing my friends are; and I love to talk about God and how incredibly and completely and entirely and wholly and amazingly faithful He is. So it should be fun!

Stay tuned for some Mical ramblings! ... Swweeet! :D