Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Fun MeMe (A.K.A. ... a stolen post from Judy!) :D

In your entire life, have you ever ...........

gone on a blind date? .... Nope.

skipped school? .... Not an entire day. But I have skipped a few classes at IUPUI.

watched someone die ? .... No.

been to Canada? .... And, no.

been to Mexico? .... Yes. :) I went on a mission trip to the Texas/Mexico border the summer after my freshman year of high school. I, most of my youth group, and some other folks from our church went down to do some puppet ministry. We stayed with some of the missionaries we support at our church (they live on the outskirts of Texas) ... and we drove into Mexico everyday to put on puppet shows in churches and parks. It was hot! But a good experience!

been to Florida? .... Yep. We used to drive down to Florida for family vacations every summer. We haven't done something like that since I was probably 10 or 11! Wow!

been on a plane? .... I think only once or twice. To and from Texas for the mission trip. To and from Boston with my friend, Mags. I dread flying though. My ears ache (BADLY!) the entire trip! :(

swam in the ocean? .... Yes. But only close to the shore. I am a huge wimp. I am afraid a shark will come bite my arm off or a jellyfish will sting me in the leg! Ahh!

had your booze taken away by the cops? .... Umm, no.

lettered in high school sport? .... Nope.

cried yourself to sleep? .... Heck, yes! .... I cried myself to sleep for the first two months while I was at Taylor my freshman year. And although I'm better know ... I cried myself to sleep many nights back in August. So glad God is healing. :)

played cops and robbers? .... Hmm ... I want to say yes! Man! That sounds like fun! ... But sadly, I don't think so.

played dolls? .... Yeah. :/ .... I was such a tomboy growing up ... how is it that I loved Barbies so much? Ugh.

sung Karaoke? .... Yep! Fun times!

done something you told yourself you wouldn't? .... Oh, yes. Dangit.

cheated on an exam? .... I don't think I've ever cheated on an exam. Ha! I remember accidentally seeing someone's answer to a test question once, realized their answer was correct and mine was wrong ... but I couldn't change my answer because that would be cheating. Sheesh. But sadly, I've let someone copy my math answers before. :(

made prank phone calls? .... No prank phone calls. I don't like the phone.

laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose? .... I believe so. Hilarious!

caught a snowflake on your tongue? .... Every winter. :)

danced in the rain? .... YES!!! It is so much fun! You MUST try it!

written a letter to Santa Clause? .... Nope. My parents told me Santa was fake from the get-go.

watched the sunrise with someone you care about? .... Does Jesus count? ;) Well, of course He does!

been kissed under the mistletoe? .... Never been kissed ....

Ever been arrested? .... Nope ....

blown bubbles? .... Oh, yeah!

gone ice-skating? .... Yep, and I'm awful at it!

been skinny dipping outdoors? .... Yes. And I'm totally being serious.

had a nickname? .... Yep, yep ... a few. Mike, Mickey Poo, Scubie, Masterpiece ... I think that's all of 'em. :)

been to Africa? .... Nope.

eaten cookies for dinner? .... I don't think so ... but yummy!

been on TV? .... Nope, nope.

been in a car accident? .... Yep. I got a black eye.

What is your Mother's name? .... Jo Ann Masterson.

favorite drink? .... Oh, that's easy! Sweet tea wins - hands down!

favorite alcohol? .... Yuck! I've tried several drinks since I turned 21 ... but they are all gross.

birthplace? .... Good ol' Indy.

favorite vacation spot? .... I agree with Judy - road trips are fun! .... I like going to Tennessee. I love mountains! And I'd like to go to New Zealand someday! :)

favorite salad dressing? .... Don't really care for salad most of the time ... but when I do eat it - ranch.

favorite pie? .... Apple with vanilla ice cream - yum!

favorite number? .... 2005. Yeah ... I'm lame. That is the year I graduated from high school.

favorite movie? .... All-time favorite = Hairspray!

favorite holiday? .... Hmm ... that's a tough one. Probably Christmas.

favorite food? .... That's easy! Potatoes!!! Mashed, fried, baked! Mmmm!!!!

day of the week? .... Sunday - always and forever! I LOVE going to church and hanging out with the Body of Christ!!!!!!!!!!

favorite brand of body wash? .... No favorite ....

favorite toothpaste? .... Whatever's in the drawer, I suppose.

favorite smell? .... Another easy one! --- Campfires!

Do you have any tattoos? .... Nope.

body piercings? .... Nope. My goal is to never even get my ears pierced. No particular reason.

Do you drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? .... 4 doors. I like my Malibu!

What do you do to relax? .... Read my bible ... listen to music ... take a nap ... write letters to people ... check my e-mail ....

How do you see yourself in 10 years? .... Hmm! Whoa! I have NO idea!!!! I'll be 31. Hopefully be married and have a few kids by then. :) Be working in kids/youth ministry at my church ... homeschooling my kids ... loving my husband (whomever he may be) ... becoming a sage. ;) But really ... who knows? God's changed a lot in my life so far, and I'm only 21! Who knows where He'll take me in 10 years! Ahh!!!! Trusting Him. Loving Him. Following Him. All the days of my life! :)

...... Well, that was fun! You all should copy and paste this ... and add it to your blog! :D

Oh, the Verbs! :D

Wah-ho! I came across a cool Psalm the other day. I sent it to a friend ... 'cause it reminded me of him ... and I meant to send it to ya'll then ... but didn't get around to it. So here it is!

Read Psalm 147. And check out the verbs! Yep! I don't know if it's my "Englishness" coming out ... or what. I've never paid attention to the parts of speech as I've read God's word ... but it was cool to dwell on the verbs in this chapter.

Powerful verbs! Fo sho!!!! .... Things like ... God ... "heals, binds up, gives, supports, covers, provides, favors, strengthens, makes peace, satisfies" ... and so many more! Check 'em out! ... Seriously! Go read this Psalm right now - I'm not joking! ;)

I love to hear God's promise to HEAL .... because He is in the process of healing me over some things. It's a long process ... but His word is full of promises of restoration that give me hope!

I love the verb BINDS ... "binds up." When I think of "binds," I think of God weaving the threads of my life together .... binding each thread to the other ... making it into a beautiful piece of work - perfect and complete. Again ... another promise that He will restore me one of these days. :)

I really like SUPPORTS and COVERS. He is my stronghold ... and He is with me wherever I go. What promises! Dwell on those promises!!!!

And SATISFIES. Yeah! He sure does, doesn't He?! Whenever I read the word "satisfies" in scripture, it reminds me that ONLY JESUS CAN SATISFY my longings, my dreams, my calling.

Mmm hmm. Our God is amazing. And He provides great verbs to help us figure Him out a bit. :) Oh, verbs are fun! :D

Have a marvelous, merry Christmas, all! And be careful on the roads. Oooo - look out! Ice! Have a great holiday, my friends! :D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More from the Laminin Dude!

So yeah ... I'm back at it! :)  Don't you love blogging? ........ Well, this is a fairly short post.  I just wanted to encourage ya'll to check out some sermons if you get a chance.

I've been sitting at The Porch all day today ... pricing books, helping out the 2 customers that have dropped by since 10am, and yeah ... not too much going on here today.  But!  While I've been sitting, pricing books, I've been listening/watching sermons on youtube.  Yep ... that silly thing is good for something (not to mention the "Spider Man 3 'How it should have ended.'" ... yes, I'm obsessed.  Go check it out on youtube sometime.  Hilarious!). .... Back to what I was talking about.  Seriously.  Tangent Queen. :D ..... The cool laminin guy from a post oh, so long ago ... is a pastor for some big church somewhere.  I know.  I don't know the details on this guy ... sorry for that. .... He is really into astronomy.  And the sermons I've been listening to today focus in on how BIG and POWERFUL our God is and how SMALL and INSIGNIFICANT we are! .... That may not be something you want to hear ... but it is so needed in our lives!  We get so "puffed up" at times ... thinking that we are something special.  When, in reality ... GOD is the only one who matters ... and He is the CREATOR of us.  He is the Creator of the entire universe, which He holds in the palm of His hand. .... Okay ... so much for a short post, huh? ;) ...... Go to youtube ... type in "Louie Giglio" (the name of the cool pastor guy) ... and check out two of his sermon series (By the way .... how do you make the word "series" plural?  Hmm ...).  Check out these series --- "How Great is Our God" and "Indescribable."  They show lots of cool pictures of the galaxies in our universe ... and how BIG and POWERFUL our God is. .... You might want to put this on while you're doing housework or homework or something like that ... 'cause they are fairly long sermons ... but a good thing - they are broken down into 9-minute segments. :)

Well ... if you get some time on your hands.  Ha!  'Cause we all have tons of that these days. *Lots of eye rolling!* ;) ..... Check these out!  Louie's a pretty passionate speaker, so you shouldn't get bored.  And you get to see lots of cool pictures of what God has made outside of our tiny planet earth.  It's pretty cool.  Check it out, if you get a chance! :)

Have a great day, all! :D

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Favorite Family Ever: My Big Brother! :)

Hmm ... remember that "Favorite Family Ever" post I left a long time ago?  It was about my friend, Melissa. ..... "Bumblebee."  Is that ringing a bell?  If not, check out my "Favorite Family Ever" posts on the left hand side of my blog sometime and read the bumblebee story. :)  Well, when I wrote that post, I meant to continue on with stories about my favorite family in the world ... the Cooks/Adamsons gang. :)  For those who don't know, this "gang" is a group of friends from my #1 church family, Calvary Chapel. :) ..... I've known "Uncle" Mike and Jen Cook and their son, Adam, since the first day we started going to church at Calvary ... wow ... almost 16 years ago.  Wow!  They and our family are pretty close.  The Adamsons are Adam's cousins, and we've pretty much known them about as long.  Anyway.  They are a group of absolutely hilarious folks!  They constantly brighten my days.  It is such a blessing to call them my church family.  And over the years, they have become kind of a second family to me ... hence, UNCLE Mike. :)

Well, my next family member story is about Adam. :)  He's been my "big brother" for as long as I can remember.  I have lots of stories about Adam.  He has been one of my longest friends.  He stands right next to Mags on my "longest friends" list.  Adam and Maggie were the two I met first when my family started going to Calvary Chapel. :) .... Well, okay.  On to Adam.  Where should I start? ...... Hmm ....

Adam was my first crush.  Yeah ... I was 8.  My family and his family hung out every Sunday night and Wednesday night after church.  He, my brother, Wes, and I played video games in his bedroom .... Adam played the drums and I sang at worship team practices.  Adam and I played basketball together a lot.  What can you expect? .... Ha! .... But those were before the "big brother" days, so don't get freaked out. ;) ....

Adam has ALWAYS been one of those "pick me up" guys in my life.  Always.  He is amazingly encouraging.  Encouragement is most certainly one of his spiritual gifts.  He is really good at figuring out when people are down .... never hesitating to head over and talk with them ... and NEVER lacking the talent to make them laugh.  He just lives and breathes encouragement.  He walks into a room, and people immediately start "feeling better."  I'm serious!  He's just one of those rare people ... a pick me up ... and he doesn't even have to try. :)  And he is absolutely hilarious!  He makes me laugh more than anyone in the entire world!  No joke!  And, as you all know, laughter is my middle name. :) .... Just the other day (Sunday after church), Adam called me over and said something to the affect of .... "Mike, you are one of those people who is happy all the time.  Does it just come naturally to you? ... It is a rare thing. .... Ya know, I know a lot of people, but you are at the top.  You are always joyful and you laugh a lot.  It's a good thing." ... Again ... not exactly ... but that was the basic message.  It was a great chat.  But then, it's always fun to be complimented, isn't it? ;) .... But yeah!  Adam is always doing that.  He is constantly pulling me aside to make me laugh or to compliment me.  He's an amazing encouragement to me, that's for sure!!!

One story about Adam sticks out in my mind ... I'll never forget it. :) ....... He, my friend, Jon, (his cousin), and I used to play basketball together all the time.  We'd head out to the basketball court behind the church and play almost every Sunday night after youth group/small group ... and sometimes, they would come over to my house and play on our basketball court.  Well, one Saturday afternoon, Adam and Jon called me up and asked if they could come over to hang out.  We ended up spending the whole afternoon together. :)  My brother tagged along for part of the day .... and it was just me and the guys. :)  By this time, I had a huge crush on my friend, Jon, and Adam was pretty much my favorite person in the whole world, so it was a day I'll never forget. ;)  It was pretty great ... no doubt about it! .... We rode go-carts in our backyard; we swam in our pool; we played basketball.  A great day! :) .... So while we were playing basketball ... just shooting around really (you can't do much with three people) ... we were chatting a bit.  I don't remember what we talked about .... but the part of the conversation I will NEVER forget was simple but oh, so important to me.  Adam said, "So Jon ... did you know that Mike is my little sister?  She is.  I'm her big brother.  She's my little sister.  So that means she's kind of your little sister too, which means you can pick on her too." .... Ha ha!  See.  I told you it was simple. ;)  But really, it was huge!  Adam isn't the "touchy-feely" kind of guy, as I call 'em ... and he doesn't just say things to say 'em.  So for him to "announce" me as his sister meant the world to me!  He took the big brother stuff seriously, and that made my heart leap!  Yep ... I'm a sappy girl .... my heart leaps when I get excited about stuff. ;)  Since then ... Adam has been my big brother.  He is one of my all-time favorite guys!  He is, as he likes to call himself, my "prescription."  No matter what I'm up to ... if I'm sad or excited, he comes along and gives me a boost.  He's my laughter medicine.  My pick me up prescription.  A great joy in my life! :)  I love him to death!

So yeah ..... that's my big brother!!!! :D  See why he's apart of my favorite family ever?! :D 

Chicken Noodle Soup and some Sweet Jesus Peace ....

Mmmm .... Chicken Noodle Soup.  It is perfect for this weather!!!  You can't beat a good old grilled cheese sandwich, popcorn, and chicken noodle soup dinner during cold (frigid!) nights like tonight.  Man.  I'm not ready for this 12-degree weather.  Isn't that supposed to hold off until the heart of winter (January/February months)???  Sheesh.  Well, it's here early this year, I guess ... so we'll just have to embrace it!  And what better way than to heat up some yummy soup and simply warm up with the Spirit.

.... Yep.  This blog post is not just about chicken noodle soup. :) ..... I'm finally done with my semester, and I've been working for my mom the past couple of days.  I'm sitting in the store now, actually. :)  There isn't much to do until tomorrow when we bring some books from home to price .... and I'm here until 7pm. :)  Or until my good friend, Alex, shows up for our Jesus Talk. :) .... While I've been sitting, I started listening/watching a youtube video of a pastor named Louie Giglio (he's the laminin guy ... remember that post?).  He has a 6-part series called "The Song of the Redeemed."  Each part is about 9 minutes long.  Check it out sometime. :)  Good stuff! .... But anyway .... I just finished watching all 6 parts.  Halfway through the series, I ran in the house to heat up some chicken noodle soup ... popped some popcorn ... and headed back out to the computer to watch/listen to this cool pastor guy.  At one part, he started talking about our salvation.  The series is all about worship ... not just worship with songs ... but worship with our lives ... getting excited about the story God gave us ... and "pushing play" on the song of our redemption!  It's a pretty cool analogy ... yep, you would like it Alex and Alec! :D .....

While I was watching one of the clips ... and eating my yummy soup and popcorn, I started basking in the sweet peace of Jesus.  My heart and mind have been shouting at me for quite some time ... for a few reasons ... but this week, God's been pouring on the peace. :)  Isn't that fun?  It's always a joy to rest in God's peace.  And when I say peace ... we can take that in so many ways.  'Cause God provides peace in so many ways and in so many seasons of life.  But the Louie Giglio clips helped me simply bask in the peace that comes through my salvation. .... It helped me put things into perspective a little bit, which is always a tremendous thing! :)

I've been pressing into Jesus a lot over the past several months.  It's been painful but really, really good.  But lately, I've found myself worrying.  Ha!  What the heck, Mical?!  I've been working on this whole trust issue .... thinking that I'm getting closer ... and now ... worry clouds my view of life.  It clouds my view of the big picture.  I'm worrying about things that can't be helped ... when do we worry about things that CAN be helped?  If we could help them along, then we wouldn't worry about 'em.  Sheesh.  *Sigh* .... But anyway ... Worry is no fun.  But in the midst of this worry ... God is pouring on the peace tonight.  And showers of the sweet peace of Jesus is ALWAYS great!  And being reminded of the peace that comes from salvation is even greater!  The thought occurred to me tonight, that no matter what is coming my way ... I am saved.  Saved!  SAVED!!!  No matter what happens on this planet .... in this crazy little thing called Mical's life ... I can rest in the fact that I. Am. Saved.  Wow!  I can get all worked up about things ... relationships ... future plans ... pimples (yes, I worry about those far more than I should sometimes) ... but when you get down to it ... I am saved.  My eternity is secure.  My joy is complete.  My life is good.  Actually, my life is great! :)

Hmm. :)  I am saved.  That's a pretty BIG thought when you sit and think about it!  And amazing peace comes from simply sitting and dwelling on it.  Awesomeness!

.... And it all started with a mug of yummy chicken noodle soup. :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Last Minute Christmas Shopping? :)

Well, hello again, my friends! :) Just a quick announcement! :):):)

Anyone still doing your Christmas shopping? Need a good place to pick up some nifty gifts for friends and family??? I've got just the place for you!

The Porch!

Yep! I'm talking about my mom's store ... the quaint little shop off of old 36 ... right down the street from Calvary Chapel, across from Beasley's Orchard! I started working in the store today (yay for Christmas break work with flexible hours!) ... and the longer I was in there sorting/shelving books, the more I got to thinking about what a GREAT place it is! I can't wait to see all the new customers come in this spring/summer! It's a great place to hang out ... drink some tea ... and buy some SWEET stuff! It's not just full of GREAT books at reasonable prices! It's got so much more! Games! Teas! Gift baskets! Toys! Nifty trinkets! It is a great place for books and gifts for the whole family! If you haven't bought all your Christmas presents yet ... stop by The Porch, and check it out!!! You know book lovers ... you know tea lovers ... come on over, and check us out!!!

And my mom and I got a kick out of .... well ... me ... today, as we were chatting in the store. Here's the story ... I can't get over how cute her store is! And she has these fantastic gift baskets! Some of them have tea pots, tea, and cookies ... wrapped so neatly and are just tons of fun! Well ... she also has "get well" gift baskets. A great idea if you really get down to it! They are baskets full of a mug, soup, orange juice, crackers, tissues, and suduko/crossword puzzles. Seriously! What great idea! And they are wrapped so nicely too! ;) .... Well ... half the time I was working in the store today, I kept looking over at these gift baskets thinking, "Man! What a great idea!" "Man! Those are so cute!" "Man!" .... And at the end of the day ... I told my mom how much I liked the baskets ... and then I said, "Man, I like them so much that I wish my friends would get sick so that I could buy these 'get well' gift baskets for them!" ;) Ha! We both got a kick out of it! ... I'm serious though! I think they are GREAT! It would be so fun to buy a "get well" gift basket for a friend. It's almost worth someone getting sick ... but not quite. ;) Ha ha ha! They are cute gift baskets. That's all I have to say about that! :D

So! Come! Visit The Porch before Christmas! We're open this week - Monday through Thursday from 10am to 7pm .... and next week we go back to our regular hours ... Tuesdays: 10am-7pm; Wednesdays: 10am-4pm; Saturdays: 10am-3pm! Stop by! It is a nifty little place full of GREAT stuff! And you get free tea and cookies out of the deal! Man! You're lucky! You should stop by! ..... Yep. You should! :D

Friday, December 12, 2008


Wow. It's kind of fun messing with the fonts on this blog thing. There aren't many to choose from, but I was getting bored with the standard font for this blog. ;) ... So glad I finally figured out how to be a little more creative with this crazy thing called "blog world." :D

Alright! So my last post was a total tangent. I was gonna blog about how I'm done with school - BRIEFLY (ha, like Mical Masterson can do ANYTHING briefly) - then move into a cool song God's been laying on my heart this week. But alas ... the Tangent Queen prevails. ;) So ...... for this post, let's get back to what I originally intended for blogging today. :)

These are lyrics to a simple but great song from the Lord. We sing it at Calvary every now and then. :)


Beautiful. Beautiful. Jesus is beautiful.
And Jesus makes beautiful things of my life.
Carefully. Touching Me. Causing my eyes to see.
Jesus, You're beautiful. Jesus, my Lord.

I was having a Godsong moment again early this week. I think it was Monday ... early on in the week, that's all I remember. I think I was driving, on my way school ... on my way home ... something like that. And all of sudden, my mind started singing "Beautiful. Beautiful. Jesus is beautiful." ... Out of nowhere! I haven't heard that song in forever! And there I was ... singin' it. :) .... My favorite part of this song is the line that says "Jesus makes beautiful things of my life." ... I think God put it on my heart because ... like I've said over and over (and over again) on this blog .... I've gone through some crazy things over the past year. And I'm super thankful that God is healing in so many ways. But I'm not completely healed yet. ..... But God wanted to remind me of all the amazing things He's been letting into my life through the heartache. In addition to talking about my hurts, I've also been mentioning the greatest joys that have come out of my life over the past year. And in giving me this song this week, God wanted me to remember all of those "greatest joys." "Mical, I'm making beautiful things of your life." .... Wow. That is powerful! Really! Read that again! "I'm making BEAUTIFUL things of YOUR life." The pain brings beauty. It really, really does. That lesson - beauty from pain - is one of the greatest lessons I've learned over the past year (I told you I'm learning a lot!). ;) And God wanted to remind me of that through this song.

And the song goes on to say "Causing my eyes to see." He does. He causes us to SEE all that He desires for us to see. He wants us to see His blessings. He wants us to see more of Himself. He wants us to see the big picture. And sometimes, more often than we'd like, He must use pain to help us see. .... We're pretty stubborn, if you haven't noticed. And sometimes, He must take things away, hinder things, at times, so that we will get our focus off of ourselves and SEE HIM. See His plan. His purpose. His calling. Him. It's not very much fun. Nope. But God didn't say it would be, did He? ;) .... "He must DENY HIMSELF, take up your cross daily, and follow me." "In this world, you WILL have trouble." "WHEN you face trials of MANY kinds ... the TESTING of your faith." ..... None of these things sound very "fun" to me. Ha! But ..... aren't you glad He doesn't stop there. He calls for us to deny ourselves and follow Him so that we will not "forfeit our souls." ... so that we will have eternal life - with Him. (Luke 9:23-25). He says we are sure to have troubles, heartache, pain ... but then He ways "Take heart! I have overcome the world!" (John 16:33). And He says "when" we face trials, not "if." But then He says that the testing of our faith develops perseverance ... and the whole goal of perseverance (even though it's not any fun at all!) is our maturity. He wants us to be COMPLETE, not lacking anything. (James 1:2-4). .... So God's got some great PLANS in store for all our struggles. For all our joys too. :) He's causing us to SEE through all of these ups and downs.

So see? Isn't that a GREAT song!? Simple, but oh, so powerful!!!!! Don'tcha love it when God puts songs on our hearts, and then goes a step further and teaches us things through them!? Our God is beyond amazing! Keep pressing into Him, friends! :)

Don't make plans ....

I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (At least for now!) I've got an entire month off, and it's one of the most amazing feelings I've had in a long time! .... I just finished the worst semester of my life! Some crazies collided with the beginning of school year ... so I kind of dug myself a hole, academically, from the get-go. I lost all motivation. I was near depression in some ways. So what did I do? I pressed into Jesus! Bitterly ... angerly at times, but I sought after our mighty Savior! It was a struggle ... to say the least. And HE is the ONLY one who pulled me through this awfulness (well, He let a few people in on the help too). I pulled out of the semester though ... I'm probably gonna get a C in one of my classes (Mical Masterson doesn't get C's), but my other grades are good. :) So God is faithful. And .... I'M DONE!!! And it's only UP from here!!!

... I've got tons of great plans set up for next semester. "Whoa! Careful, Mical!" ... is what I hear myself saying. If there's one thing I've learned this semester (and I've learned far more than only ONE thing!), it's that we can't make too many plans. I've been making a few plans for several, several years ... and over this past year ... God's been wipin' 'em all away! But let's stay uplifting here ... God is wipin' 'em away because He's got something amazing up His sleeve! So ... I've learned ... don't make plans. Don't get so caught up in what you think YOU want to do ... don't even get caught up in what you think GOD wants you to do!!!! 'Cause He very well may CHANGE EVERY BIT OF IT!!!! ... And believe me ... I'm not trying to be a debbie downer here. I am just trying to look at the big picture (another lesson God's been teaching me). :) ... Nothing we do matters. Jesus is it. Jesus is the only one who matters. His plan. His purpose. His calling. Him. So when I make plans, I need to keep HIM at the FOREFRONT. I need HIM to be my ultimate goal. .... I guess I can make plans, but I need to not get too attached to them. How 'bout that? ;) So ............. saying all of that! I have some great "plans" lined up for next semester. But I'm trying to keep Jesus at the forefront in these. :) Let me share 'em with ya!

First off, I have a better schedule than this semester. This semester, I was at school Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from about 8 in the morning until about 8 at night. It was plain awful. Tuesdays - 8 to 4:30pm. Still, not that great. And in that schedule I was taking 17 credit hours, tutoring in the writing center about 8 hours a week, and having an internal emotional/spiritual/crazy battle (see my first paragraph). It was just awful. Okay. I'm done complaining about it. Really! It's over! ;) .... THIS COMING SEMESTER (let's move on to "up" things!), I will be taking 12 credit hours (a much better load), tutoring in the writing center 10 hours a week, substitute teaching in the Speedway school system on Fridays, and hanging out with kids at Shepherd on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. I love tutoring! I've always wanted to teach (that was one of those plans I got attached to and God's putting on hold ... hence, my change of major at IUPUI). I love hanging out with kids! And my school load is not so much. I'll also be involved with Higher Ground ... and perhaps another Bible study or two. It just depends. :) .... So yeah! I'm excited about a great semester!!!!

Hmm. You wouldn't believe I got on here to write a completely different post. A post about a song God's been putting on my heart lately. Ha! But this huge tangent turned into a blog post of its own. :) Hope you guys are interested in my life. Ha ha! 'Cause that's what this post is all about ... and I'm done with it. Ha! Thanks for reading my ramblings, all! Hope ya'll are having a great week - it's the weekend - enjoy it! :D

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Worship with Sight and Smell :)

The Mall Manhunt! What a fun idea!

Grace Fellowship takes its youth to the Circle Center Mall once a year ... usually early in December, for a game of "hide 'n seek." And I got to go with them last night! It was super fun! :D For three reasons! :)

#1 - I love young people! I got to hide from the youth all night ... and I got to hang out with Paige and her friends on the way to the mall and all the way home. Always fun to listen to teenager's conversations. ;) ... And we listened to Radio Disney. Ha! Always hilarious!

#2 - I love Grace Fellowship people ... and I love that I am a part of this Body ... even though I'm not. GFC is my second church family, and it is a blessing to call the amazing people of Grace just that ... my FAMILY. :)

#3 - While I hid in the mall, I spent most of my time in the calendar store. I headed straight for the "nature" section. I spent nearly the entire game "hiding" in that store! I looked at calendars full of pictures of sunsets, landscapes, mountains, clouds, rainbows, moons ... all kinds of stuff. I'm a big nature person. Being outside is one of my favorite places to be. I love simply sitting and watching the sun set, sitting in silence listening to the wind blow through the trees ... I love taking pictures of the sky ... of mountains ... of cool nature sites. It's one of my favorite things to do. ... The whole time I was in the store, I kept thinking, "Wow, God! You really knew what you were doing with this rainbow!" "Oh, Lord! This mountain range takes my breath away!" "Whoa! That cloud design in the sky is incredible!" ... It was a huge blessing to just stand and bask in God's presence through His creation. I couldn't leave without buying a calendar! :) ... And then I headed over to a candle store and bought a candle named "fireside." So now ... my room smells like my favorite scent in the world - a campfire! ... And I have a calendar full of rainbows hanging on my wall in my room! :D

It was a simple blessing ... basking in God's presence through my senses! Praising God with sight and smell ... good stuff! 'Cause ya know ... complimenting God on His handy work is worship. :) Take a look around you today ... use your senses to worship the Lord! :D

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mical's Heroes :)

Hey, all! :)  Wow ... it's been almost an entire week since my last post!  That is crazy!  I know you all have missed my 8,000 posts a week. ;) ... Well, this one isn't really new.  I want to change my "Question for you" section of my blog ... just to spice things up a bit ... so I'm gonna post this here ... 'cause it's just too good to delete. :D .... Stay tuned for more blogging!  I'm almost done with the busiest and worst semester of my life!  Thursday!  Thursday!!!  So more blogging to come, friends!  Yay!

Who are some of your heroes?

Post a comment to my blog or write me an e-mail at Faithful7326@aol.com to reply to this question! It's one of my favorite questions to ask and to answer!

Want to know my answer??? ;)  Good!  'Cause I'm gonna tell ya!!! :D

#1: Ben Nilsen
BEN NILSEN is a ROCK in my life - the most spiritually and emotionally stable person I know! He is my #1 spiritual thought buddy - I go to him for all my deep questions and thoughts about God. He pushes me to strive harder after Jesus and to become all that God has called me to be. He is so consistent - in work, in school, in relationships, in his walk with Christ. He is the BEST example of Christ I know, one of my best friends, and an amazing encouragement in my life.  Words can't express how much he has done for me over the past several months ... taught me so much, loved me so much, and has been an irreplaceable friend.

#2: Emily ("Love")
And EMILY KARAS is my BOSOM BUDDY! She is my #1 role-model. Her example and love for Jesus is one of the most inspiring experiences I've ever encountered. Her consistency in her walk with Jesus, in her love for her friends, and in her attitude - to NEVER give up no matter what God lets her way - are some of the biggest lessons I've learned from her. Her wisdom and love and consistency are irreplaceable in my life. And she is my #1 encourager and favorite hugger!

#3: James Nilsen. :)
JAMES ... Yep, he's another one of my heroes!  James is one of the godliest guys I've ever met. He is so consistent in striving after Jesus. He will mess up at times, as we ALL do, but He picks himself back up and keeps running the race! ... He is in love with his kids. He pours everything he is into his ministry. He absolutely adores the kids he serves. He just adores kids and young people, in general! ... One of my favorite things about James is that he not only wants to become the most amazing man of God that he can be, but he is striving hard after Christ so that he will become just that! ... He is the most compassionate person I know.  And he's got the biggest heart I've ever known. ... And whatta ya know? He's one of my best friends!  I also LOVE that he is a huge cheese!  He loves to laugh, act crazy, and give the biggest, cheesiest smiles you'll ever see!

#4: My dad.
My dad is one of the godliest men I have ever met.  He, Ben, and James are probably tied for first place. ;) .... He is gentle, kind, hilarious, consistent, an amazing provider, wise, and upstanding.  He's probably the most upstanding person I've ever met.  He hardly ever gets mad; he hardly ever gets offended.  He has a way of caring for his family that goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is always there to give godly, upright advice .... or to make me laugh. And he is incredibly consistent.  He never wavers.  No matter what's going on in his life, he never stops trusting Jesus and living for Him.  He buckles down and gets the job done.  He loves the Lord.  He is consistently in His word.  He is an amazing example of Christlikeness.  I really couldn't ask for a better dad.  Saying "I am blessed," is the understatement of the year when it comes to the gift of my dad!

Now ... tell me about YOUR heroes!  Please! :D