Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Name Mical ...

So I have a love hate relationship with my name.

I like my name because it is pretty much the BEST girl's name ever.
I like my name because it is spelled without an "h" and without an "e."
M I C A L .... no "h"; no "e."
I like my name because it draws attention to me. Perhaps I'm vain ... but I like attention. 0:)
I like my name because not many other girls have this name. Unique is good. :)
I like my name because every now and then people will sometimes say .... "Oh, your name is Mical? My cousin's nephew's daughter's name is Mical." Ha! THAT response cracks me up! Some obscure relative has the same name as I do. It just makes me laugh ... really hard. Ha ha ha ha! :D
I like my name because the little kids at after school (or little kids anywhere) will ask me .... "Are you a boy?" ... Yes. I've been asked that more than once.
I like my name because I will sit down at the tutoring table in the writing center, and my tutee will give me a funny look and say .... "Oh. I was expecting a male." A girl I tutored today said that to me, and I let out a chuckle. Too funny.
I like my name because my big brother, Adam, calls me Mike ... and Wes calls me Mike. Mike is my all-time favorite nickname. Probably because my brothers are the only ones who call me that. :)

But .... I don't like my name when people insult my intelligence.
Perhaps I'm prideful and vain and such ... but when I introduce myself and the person pauses and then says .... "Oooh. It's Michelle, isn't it?"
That response drives me absolutely crazy!
NO! I JUST told you my name is Mical. M I C A L. Gosh. I'm not stupid. I know my own name. Daggonit.
.... That's really the only reason I can think of that I don't like my name. It just drives me nuts! I get almost angry. Ask Emily.

Ha ha! Too funny! I thought of this post because I was at McDonald's today ... buying a sweet tea and a McChicken sandwich (a very Mical thing to do ....), and they asked for my name. The girl who took my order believed me the first time. But the guy who called my name ... ha! He was a hoot! He called my name .... got it right. But when I came up to grab my food, and the guy calling my food saw me .... and he said "Mical ... oh ... Michelle?" And I just laughed and said ... "Nope, it's Mical." He then laughed. Wow. I don't think he believed me. .... It made me laugh rather than upset ... but still. It said Mical (probably spelled with the "h" and the "e" - Michael - on the paper) on the daggone receipt, but he couldn't handle the awesomeness of my name! :D

Anyway .... fun story, huh? Hope ya'll are having a great week! :D