Friday, October 30, 2009

Simple Joys :)

Yesterday, on my way to school, I saw a boy dancing while he was waiting for his bus to pick him up for school. It was the best thing I'd seen all week! And it got me thinking about simple things that bring me so much joy. So I decided to watch for simple joys throughout the day all day yesterday ... and here's what I observed. :)

On my way to school:
~ The boy dancing at the bus stop.
~ The way the sun and the clouds worked together to create another one of God's paintings in the sky! .... A piercing orange-colored sun beneath pink and purple clouds! Oh, it was gorgeous! A great way to start off the day! :)
~ Watching the leaves fall as I walked to class.

At after school:
~ Whishae grabbing my hand and holding it.
~ Whishae giving me a big smile.
~ Mathanael saying his Bible verse.
~ Helping little George with his math homework. He connected the dots to create his numbers, and after he finished, we raised our arms and shouted, "yeahhh!!!!"
~ Getting a huge hug from George.
~ Hearing the other leaders at after school say I was doing great things to help out with the crazy, little guy - George. He's a hyper, little 5-year-old who was new to after school this week.

At Kroger:
~ Standing and waiting for a hug from Emily when we met to pick up dinner and a movie.
~ Laughing with Emily.

None of these things are super extravagant or amazingly exciting to the everyday person, perhaps .... but they are most certainly simple joys that brought tremendous joy to my life yesterday!

Look for the simple joys in life! You will never go wrong!!!! Praise the Lord for His tremendous yet simple blessings! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Addin' to the Bucket!

MICAL'S BUCKET LIST (Not necessarily in this order) J

#1 - Hike through New Zealand!!!

#2 - Run a mini marathon.

#3 - Read through the Bible at least 3 times .... once in my NIV, once in a ESV, and once in my wide-margin NASB.

#4 - Learn to play bar chords on my guitar.

#5 - Take swing dancing lessons!

#6 - Marry an oober godly guy!

#7 – Have at least 4 kids and homeschool them.

#8 - Take a 3-day trip of silence and solitude!

#9 - Visit my sponsored child.

#10 - Read all of Mere Christianity.

#11 – Take a BBF trip to the Bosom Buddies Cottages in Canada with Emily!!!

#12 – Be a waitress.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wanted: Jones Soda Bottles

Jones Soda! I am in need of Jones Soda bottles!

If you drink Jones Soda, keep your bottles ... and please let me have 'em!

If you're willing to give 'em up ... give me a call or shoot me an e-mail, and I'll pick 'em up from you! They are muchly needed and muchly appreciated!

Thanks, fellow blogger friends! :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Braggin' about My Brother :)

My brother came home today. He goes to school in Evansville. And while he was home, he told my dad and me a story.

He went to a party on Friday night .... there was drinking. My brother doesn't drink. But his roommate drank a bit too much. Wes only stopped by for a few minutes ... to say hi to a friend. .... Shortly after they got back to their apartment, his roommate starts sobbing and telling Wes how awful his life has been, how bad things have happened, how hurt and lonely he had been. My brother didn't really know what to do or what to say .... but when his roommate talked about how lonely and unhappy he was, my brother started telling this guy about Jesus!!! Wes told me and my dad ... "As soon as he started talking about how lonely he was, I knew I had to talk to him about Christ." ... Wes got to share his testimony with his roommate on Friday night. When I asked him for the details ... "So what did you say?" ... he said ... "I just told him about my freedom in Christ. I always say things like, 'don't sweat it' to him, and I was able to tell him why I say that all the time. I told him I don't get worked up about things 'cause I have Christ in my life. I'm a happy, confident guy because I have Him." (Okay ... so that's not word-for-word ... but it's a pretty good paraphrase.) :) .... Wes also said that his roommate told him that he really appreciates Wes' friendship. And his roommate told him, nearly word-for-word .... "You're not only my friend, you're my role-model. I watch the way you live your life, Wes, and I try to live that way." .... Wow! What a compliment!!!!

Gosh. I was so proud of him! I AM so proud of him!!!! He's told more than one story about this kind of thing since he got into college a couple years ago. He's really grown in the Lord, and I am just so excited to get little glimpses of it here and there. :)

Really, the more I hear about all that he's accomplishing by his godly example ... the more I watch his consistency in character and dedication to the things he's passionate about and the discipline he has ... I want to be just like him. He has really grown up over the past few years, and I am incredibly proud of him. The more I think about it ... I'm with his roommate on this one!!!! Wes is more than my brother, he is one of my role-models too. :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Precious Moments in My Heart's Desire

After school today at Eastside Church of the Nazarene.

I help out at after school every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon ... it's a program through Shepherd Community Center on the Eastside of Indianapolis.
These amazing kids from the inner city, along with my SoZo kids, are some of the greatest blessings of my life! I am so in love with them that I don't know what to do with myself!!!! ..... I live for after school! I live for SoZo time! God has given me such a passion for these kids and youth! He's given me such a passion for kids and teens in general! And I just can't contain myself anymore!!! :) I'm soooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright ... all of that said .... I'm calming down ... but only a little. I want to share some moments at after school today because they are so precious to me. :)

I love when the kids yell my name .... "Miss Mical!!!!" .... when they come through the doors. I love when the kids say "Bye, Miss Mical!" as they leave after school each day. I love hugs from the kids.

But today, I got some extra precious blessings. :)

KeAndre is 8.
He has corn rows and the cutest little face in the world ... oh, and a smile to die for!
Today, as we sat down for Bible study, he saw me sit at a separate table, and immediately, he got up and said, "I'm gonna sit with Miss Mical." He grabbed his folder and his book bag and plopped down in the seat next to me.
I think my heart melted a little.
A little later, he said, "high five!" ... so I gave him a high five, and he smiled at me. Again ... this little guy has a smile that is priceless! He asked for a couple high fives this afternoon. Made me smile really big. :D And I think my heart melted even more. :)

I met a little girl named Whishae today. Yes ... her name is spelled just like that. I had to ask her a couple different times throughout the afternoon to make sure I got it right. I asked her how to spell it; I said it over and over to myself (and her). She is a gorgeous little girl and KeAndre's cousin. They bantered all afternoon. It was too funny to watch.
At the end of the day when she was leaving, I yelled after her and KeAndre ... "Bye, KeAndre! Bye, Whishae!" And she said, "you remembered!!" She was excited that I remembered her name and that I said it right. And for a little girl whom you just met about 2 hours earlier to get excited that you (Mical Masterson) know her name?? Oh! I was so excited!

Lastly, there is a little boy named Mathanael; he is 7. He has a mohawk and a broken arm from football. And yes, his name is Mathanael with an "M" instead of a "N." He goes by Mat. And today, he invited me to draw with him. We ended up tracing our hands and making a Thanksgiving turkey. (It's a bit early for that, but that's what he wanted to draw ... how could I say no?) He traced my hand, and I traced his. And he walked me through how to draw a face and the feathers, and then we colored our turkeys together. This simple invite was such a joy. I've got the picture hanging up on my bedroom wall.

Gosh. These kids are just too amazing! And our God is just beyond amazing for allowing me to love on them every week. Life is not life until you can work in your passion on a regular basis!!! And I'm praying that one day I can work in my passion day in and day out. Oh, what a blessing! I don't deserve these kids. I don't deserve my SoZo kids. But God's grace is just that amazing! Oh! My life is complete! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Does he even grow facial hair?!"

I was on campus again yesterday, and I walked by this guy who was on his phone ... and I heard him say, "That was pretty much the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my entire life." It made me laugh a little on the inside.

I passed him wondering what he could be talking about.

It made me think of a funny "overhearing a comment" story that Jesse Smith shared with me and Jared Wade and a group of us friends a while back. He said he was standing next to someone ... at a bank or the store or some place ... and all of a sudden he hears the guy in front of him say, "Well, that's what you get for having 9 kids!" .... I guess the guy said it fairly loud. And Jesse got the biggest kick out of it. Jesse is just hilarious anyway, and he's good at telling stories ... so the story was pretty funny. .... It's one of those "you had to be there" moments, but if you have a good sense of humor or you just laugh a lot, I'm sure you can find the humor in that ... and in my chuckling about the "disgusting thing ever" comment from the guy on the phone.

It just tickled my funny bone a bit ...

But the second comment I heard later in the day was better.

I was sitting in the campus center ... lots of people were passing by. I was reading a book when all of a sudden, I hear someone nearly yell, "Does he even grow facial hair?!" ... Again, I wondered what this girl could've been talking about. Ha! And I think I laughed out loud for that one.

So I wrote these two quotes down in my agenda and thought to myself, "I'm gonna blog about this." I just got a laugh out of 'em. Hope you do too.

Good times! :)