Friday, June 25, 2010

GoG 175: The Life-Giving Friendships

Tonight, I went to La Ranchera with some old friends. Sara-Ruth, Lauren, and I meet every 3 or 4 months to chat, catch up, and encourage each other. I've blogged about Sara-Ruth before ... how she's a life-giving friend. She and Lauren both are. It is such a gift from God to call them my friends. We always have great conversations about life, our struggles, God's faithfulness, our futures, our present circumstances ... and I am always so encouraged! They are too! And it is just such grace to share in a friendship such as life ... life-giving friendships.

GoG 174: The Chat with Wes

Yesterday, I picked my brother up from the airport and took him out to dinner. We went to McAlister's for sweet teas, a baked potato, and a sandwich. We talked all about his new endeavors with network marketing. And it was fun to see his passion and vision for his life. It was also good just to sit with him. We both are so busy these days. He's home for the summer, but I hardly see him ... 'cause either I'm out and about or he is. So it is always grace to sit and talk with him ... really talk ... like we did yesterday. :)

GoG 173: The Car to Drive

A couple days after my flood incident, I was driving my brother's old car. Thankfully, I was not deprived of a car after my accident. I didn't even miss a beat actually! I drove all over the place the same day I said goodbye to my Malibu. Amazing, huh?! ... Now, my brother's car is a bit old. It sits low to the ground. It doesn't have air conditioning. It has 150,000 miles on it. It makes a rattling noise when I drive it. Not a stellar car. But ... I found myself being thankful. Thankful that I had transportation. That I TOTALED MY CAR earlier that day, and I DIDN'T MISS A THING!!! It was like it hadn't even happened! I had a car to drive!!! Wow!

Having a car to drive is grace by itself ... but the fact that I was so thankful is even more grace! Thank you, Lord, for an eternal perspective in this crazy situation!

GoG 172: The SoZo Girls' Lock-in

Tuesday was our SoZo Girls' Lock-in at Calvary. We'd never really done one before, and the girls had raved about doing a sleepover ... so how could I resist? I scheduled one a few weeks back but forgot to remind the girls about it other than a quick text the day of the event. I didn't have a huge turn out, but 4 girls was pretty good for SoZo. I didn't have an agenda for the night, but wow! It was awesome! I had such a good time! And so did the girls! :)

We played board games; we ate lots of junk food; we danced - I mean REALLY danced!; we played hide 'n seek in the church; we ate more junk food; we had a pillow fight; we watched movies; we lip synced to music; we painted finger nails; we did blind makeovers - with blindfolds and everything!; we ate donuts for breakfast; we even cleaned up our mess afterward. Ha! It was such a fun overnighter. And what a joy to spend some extra time with my girls and see a different side of them. Praise God for youth ministry!!!! :D

GoG 171: The Totaled Car and the Best Dad in the World!

So you may not believe what I'm about to tell you ... well, you may not believe that I found grace in it. Seriously. Whew!

Monday night ... or rather, Tuesday early, early morning ... I totaled my car.

Yes ... I, Mical Masterson, the "grandma," the never-got-a-ticket, the "safe" driver ... completely destroyed her car.

Usually, when you think of someone "totally" their car, you think ... two cars, collision, mangled fender or bumper or entire car. Well, I ran into a flood, and my car drowned.

Plainfield. On Township Line Road (otherwise known as East County Road 300 South). I was headed home from Plainfield ... driving home on that road ... when "BAM!" I hit something. At first, I didn't know what ... then, my car shut off. I look ahead, and I see tons of water! And before I know it, the water starts coming in through the floor, and the water picks up my car and moves it to the side of the rode. I panic! My first thought ... "I'm gonna die!" My second thought ... "My car is gonna be ruined!" My third thought ... "Phone! Where's my phone!?" Seconds before my entire purse is soaked through and everything in it is ruined, I grab it from the floor, grab my phone and start dialing my dad. Umm ... yeah. I'm still in the car, and it is filling with water!!! Can you tell I'm panicked? Umm ... yeah. Idiot. I was so panicked I wasn't functioning right! My dad picks up, and I tell him ... "Dad, I'm fine, but I need to call you back." I hang up, work up all the courage I can to open the door, get out of the car in the oober deep, creepy, dark, anything-could-be-swimming-around-and-eat-me scary water! I walk probably 50 feet to the road, and as soon as I get out of the creepy water, I grab my phone again and call my dad. He tells me to duck and cover ... seeing as their is a lightning storm going on, it's about to start pouring, and I could die! Not from water but from lightning ... or come to find out ... a tornado! Yes, there were some starting to form not too far from where I was. After I get off the phone with my dad, I call Triple A. Someone stops to help. I jump in his car, and we sit to wait for my dad. Fire trucks and ambulances are coming. Oh, man. A half an hour later my dad shows up. I thank the super nice guy who let me sit with him and hop in the car with my dad. We go park near the scene of the flood. Sit for 20 minutes or so. And by this time, there's a news guy. Yeah. I lone news guy drives up, gets out of his car, talks to the firemen, and heads down to my nearly-underwater car. I just prayed that he wouldn't try to find the driver. I did not want to see "the idiocy of Mical Masterson" all over the news the next day! Whew! He finally leaves, and I take a sigh of relief. So we wait just over an hour for the Triple A guy with the tow truck to show up. He comes, and the water is too deep. I have to leave the car over night. Oh my gosh. So I come back the next morning around 11am. And my car is GONE! I go from the fire department to the municipal building to the police department to Whitlow's, the tow truck place ... where I finally find my car. My dad meets me there, we discuss the details, and then we leave. I found out the next day that my car was totaled ... no doubt, right? It sat in 4 feet of water all night long.

So my poor Chevy Malibu has gone to car heaven. Sad tale, huh? And how in the world did I find GRACE in it???!!!!!

Well, I have a pretty amazing dad. Actually, he's the best in the world!!!! At least I think so. :) He never even hinted that he was mad ... in the whole situation, he never got mad. He never said, "Mical! I just bought that car for you ... that $10,000 car for you ... 2 years ago!" He didn't say, "What the heck were you doing? How did you NOT see the water? Do you know how much this is gonna cost us?" He simply said, "Mical, I'm just glad you're okay." "Mical, it's just stuff." "Mical, we'll get you another car."


Wow! "And the dad award of the world goes to .... KELLY MASTERSON!!!!" .... Man! I was so thankful! His attitude about the whole thing was incredible!!! Ha! He even took me out to lunch after we left Whitlow's that day! What the heck? Amazing! One of the greatest glimpses of grace I have had in my entire life if my dad. He is the most amazing dad ever!!!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

GoG 170: The Family Lunch

Wes went to Evansville last week ... all week ... to do stuff with his new network marketing adventure. :) I'm always bummed when he leaves for long periods over the summer ... 'cause when he goes away to school, he doesn't home but for holidays. I miss him! So when he got back last Saturday night ... didn't see him till Sunday ... it was just simply good to see him. We went out to lunch with mom and dad for Father's day, and it was just fun to see him, talk to him, and spend some time with the family. I am incredibly blessed when it comes to my family ... they are amazing!!!!!

GoG 169: The J U S T U S Hug :)

Yes, most of my GoGs for last week had to do with the Chambers family ... :)

Justus was away at scout camp for the week, but we went to pick him up on Saturday morning. Shelley told me early on in the week and then again before we picked him up that Justus was hoping he could see me before I left to travel home. That by itself is amazing! But I also got a hug from him when we picked him up from camp. J U S T U S ... I miss that guy.

GoG 168: The Nerts Game

The last night of my visit to Shelley's house, we talked a lot ... but it was over several games of Nerts. Nerts is our favorite card game ... and we used to play it all the time with the girls in the youth group when Pastor Mike and Shelley were still at Calvary. We talked a lot while we played, and we reminisced in the "old days" of youth group at Calvary. It was a good time! And such grace to remember such goods times together and then BE together there that night. :)

GoG 167: The Cuddle with Anna

While I was at Pastor Mike and Shelley's house, I got to spend lots of time with Anna. She's probably the most adorable 3-year-old girl ever! And what a personality! She is my buddy every time I go to visit. 3 years old is pretty young, and I only see her 2 or 3 times a year, so it's hard for her to remember me from visit to visit. But she always warms up to me right away. And I think she kind of remembered me this time ... at least she said she did. :) ... We were watching Disney's Tarzan one afternoon, and she just hopped up on my lap, made herself comfortable, and we watched the movie together. Sooo cute! I loved it! And it was simply grace to have a little buddy that day ... and all weekend. :)

GoG 166: The Late Night Talks with Shelley

Last Wednesday through Saturday, I traveled to Poplar Bluff, Missouri to hang out with Shelley, Noah, and Anna. Pastor Mike was at Icthus with the youth group, and Justus was a boy scout camp. I stayed for three nights, and every night after the kids went to bed, Shelley and I stayed up late talking. We talked about all kinds of stuff ... and it was such a blessing to see her again ... talk to her ... and just simply BE with her. I miss her so much! The whole weekend was awesome! :)

GoG 165: The Lonely Day

I don't get lonely very often. I'm a pretty independent person I think. I like being alone at times ... I NEED to be alone at times. But mostly, I NEED people, and I am re-energized in being with people. ... But sometimes, very rarely, but sometimes, I get lonely. A week ago Tuesday was one of those rare lonely days. I just woke up feeling lonely that day. I don't know why ... I still live at home, I get to hang out with my SoZo kids and church family every week ... but I just felt really lonely. So I called up Hannah and was so thankful she was free and wanted to hang out. We went to Red Robin for lunch, walked around the Metropolis, bought candles from Yankee Candle, and went to see Iron Man 2. What a fun day! And it was grace to have a friend to hang out with on a lonely day! :)

GoG 164: The Hug

Last week, I was riding with Helen to Sam's Club to pick up some things for a SoZo service project. Helen has been a member of Calvary Chapel for almost as long as my family. She is serving as our church secretary, and she's a marvelous lady! .... We stopped by her daughter's work that day - she was dropping something off. I don't know her daughter very well ... see her at Calvary from time to time, and that's about it. But her daughter gave me a hug and a warm smile and said, "It's good to see you!" Might be a weird glimpse of grace ... getting a hug from someone you barely know ... but it was. It was a gift from God in its own way ... just made me feel good to know that someone who barely knows me feels comfortable with me. :)

GoG 163: The Reception

Well, I'm behind again ...

Ben and Brittney's reception was great! Got to see several friends I haven't seen in a while. My glimpses of grace for the day were TWO side hugs from my buddy, Ben ... don't get too many hugs from that guy. And the other GoG was talking with James Nilsen a bit. Don't get to do that often either. I miss the friendship I used to have with that guy. I look forward to heaven will all will be restored. :) It was a glimpse of what's to come though, so I am entirely thankful for that. :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

GoG 162: The Thing I Hate

Romans 7:15
"For what I am doing, I do not understand; for I am not practicing what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate." (NASB)

Can you identify with this verse? I woke up this morning thinking about this verse ... 'cause I find myself sinning rather than honoring God far more often than I'd like ... one sin in particular ... but in general too. Man. It is so disheartening sometimes. I hate it! I hate my sin! And yet I do it over and over again. Thankfully, those "disheartening" moments I just mentioned are the Holy Spirit's conviction in our lives. Wow am I thankful for conviction! If not for it, I would go on really sinning! I would not make an effort to flee my evil desires ... instead, I would just wallow in them! Bluck! Ugh! Eeww!

I was quite bummed out this morning thinking about my sin. I pulled out my Bible though ... I was just flipping through to begin with ... when I saw a note I had written to myself in the margin. It was one of those moments when you're like, "Wow, God ... way to work!" It was the SOLUTION to my sin problem! The HEART of my disHEARTened state!

The note said, "Make Jesus your complete focus - live your life in seeking Him out and for the glory of His name - and THEN you will not be overcome by your desires." This note was pointing to Galatians 5:16 - "But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh."

Pretty simple, huh? I mean ... the answer is simple. The ACTION of the answer? Not so simple ... at least not in all of my depravity. But! It gave me hope this morning. It continues to give me hope! It was kind of a "duh" moment ... I mean, hello! If I'm giving into my sin, then I must not be bathing myself in God's word or spending enough time with Him or memorizing Scripture or committing myself to prayer ... 'cause if I were, I wouldn't be sinning! Putting Jesus in our hearts and allowing Him to consume our lives pushes out the bad ... it pushes out the sin!!!

So, Mical ... you're sinning? Walk in Jesus! Not just WITH Him but IN Him!!!

GoG 161: The Stand in the Rain with a Friend

Yesterday, I went to McDonald's with my friend, Jarrod. We went to the park to walk first, but it was pretty hot yesterday ... before the rain anyway. We got a sweet tea and some ice cream ... and then it started to rain. So we walked outside and stood in it! Mmm ... I love rain! And standing in the rain with a friend was my glimpse of grace for the day!

Friday, June 11, 2010

You HAVE to be called!!!

Well .... why do I have a blog? Everything I write is WAY better when I'm spilling my heart to someone specific ... most often, more so than on my blog anyway. Ha! Yet again, I'm gonna post something here that I've written to a friend, a new friend of mine - Jared Snyder. It's about my passion: youth ministry! So read on if you desire to hear my ramblings about the life of a single, 23-year-old girl in youth ministry in Danville, Indiana. I'll post a blurb of it here at least :) .....

Anyway ... I'm so excited for you! I know we've only met ... what? ... twice? But Emily told me about your heart for young people and about your internship in Evansville. I want to do the same thing! I AM doing it ... just feeling out some possible further training, etc. in ministry. But I hear about you being on and internship and think "Gosh, I'm jealous!" And "Gosh, that's awesome for him!" So I think about ya from time to time wondering how things are going. Thought I might as well ask. And NOW! You're challenging me to pray for ya! Good job! I have a paper on my desk now that says "Pray for Jared Snyder - internship in Evansville." :)

Keep at it! God is teaching me (over and over) :) to be faithful where I'm at (NOW! ... not worrying about the future) no matter how hard it gets ('cause it gets rough from time to time - whether apathetic kids, dysfunctional kids, low attendance, forgetful students and parents, etc.)! BUT! Like I said (and like I know you know!), it is MORE than rewarding! ... I know I'm going on and on (if Emily didn't tell you, I'm oober long-winded ... but of course, you know that by now!), but ... one last thing! I listened to a youth ministry cd about 4 months ago ... a speaker named Jeanne Mayo ... and something she said really stuck out to me. I've got it written in big letters above my office door at church ... and it's really helped me get through some of the toughest times in ministry over the past few months. Hope it fuels you a bit too! .... "Decide in advance that you're gonna keep abounding because your work is never in vain when it is in the Lord." ... No joke! This simple statement has been an anchor for me this year. We ARE CALLED by God! So let's love these kids, push them to Christ, and be consistent No. Matter. What. :D

Okay, I'm done. I'm impressed if you've read this far. Can you tell I love youth ministry? Can you tell it's not easy? Ha! Have fun this summer!!! God IS using you - I know it!

Praying for you, new friend!
Mical :)

Let us draw near to God ....

Hebrews 10:19-25 (New International Version)

Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, his body, and since we have a great priest over the house of God, let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

GoG 160: The Testimony of Julie Schnur

A couple of my youth group kids and I did a rent-a-youth project this afternoon. We went to the house of a really interesting lady from Calvary. She recently had neck surgery and needed some deep-cleaning done at her house. Julie Schnur is a woman who has been through lots of heartaches - both emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Wow, she's been through a lot! And yet she still loves the Lord, still trusts Him, and still lives her life for Him. She shared some of her hardships with us today, and I was simply blessed by what she had to say. I guess it was a bit of conviction too. I was reminded that I am entirely blessed to lead the life that I do. And I was also convicted because I am not always thankful for what I have or where I am or what I'm doing in my life. I was reminded to be thankful and also to serve where I'm at right now ... not worry about tomorrow.

Thank you, Lord, for the story of Julie Schnur.

GoG 159: The Kick in the Pants

Blah. I am incredibly antsy tonight. I don't want to go to bed. I don't want to read my Bible. (Sorry, God.) I just want to go doooo something! I don't know what .... just something. Antsy. Antsy. Man ...

Thought I might as well focus in some thoughts on the Lord. Hopefully, it'll help me get my butt into gear and head upstairs to read my Bible. ... So yesterday. Yesterday was Wednesday. Wednesday, June 9, 2010. Sheesh. I've been sitting here for probably 5 minutes trying to write about my GoG. And I can't remember for the life of me what I did yesterday! I went to VBS last night ... but what else did I do? Man, alive! I need to get myself into a routine! Seriously, I've been laying around the house all week long ... other than going to VBS, I've been Facebooking, watching TV ... nearly nothing productive at all. I'd like to say I took the time to read or write letters of encouragement or SOMETHING cool ... but wow. I guess I did exercise, which is good - haven't done that in a while! I read a chapter - ONE - in Spirit-Controlled Temperament. Sheesh.

I guess the grace in all of that is ... it's a kick in the butt in some ways. We all go through "lulls" in life ... where, surprisingly, there's just not that much going on ... we get out of our routine. We get lazy and self-absorbed, and we need reminders to get us back on track. Let's say that yesterday was the kick in the pants I need to get back on track. Ha! And who woulda thought a kick in the butt could be grace??

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

GoG 158: The Powdered Sugar Mustaches

Yesterday's glimpse of grace took the form of powered sugar mustaches and a little girl named Taylor.

We had "cowboy biscuits" at VBS last night. Donuts with powdered sugar. Now, I'm a little kid at heart ... so I grabbed some powdered sugar and made a mustache on my face. I got the kids doin' it too ... and we even have pictures! It was tons of fun! I was so thankful the kids humored me a bit. ;) The girls' mustaches obviously came out better than mine and the boys'. :)

And during story time, an oober cute little girl from our church jumped
up on my lap and whispered little nothings in my ear the whole time. 'Cause what 3 year old can sit still for 20 minutes for a lesson?? Ha! Her name was Taylor, and she was a hoot! (She's the tiniest girl in the picture).

Oh, the joys (and the grace!) of little kids ... and being one at the age of 23!!! :D

GoG 157: The Sentimental Gush and Mical's SoZo Guys

Monday night was our second night of VBS. A handful of people from Calvary are doing a "melodrama" each night .... and they are soooo good! Hilarious! Lots of great country accents! .... A couple of my youth group guys and girl are in the skit, and they are down right hilarious! I got home from VBS that night all sentimental and terribly proud. :) I was talking to Andy about my sentiments ... going on and on about how proud I am of all of those guys and how blessed I am to be apart of SoZo.

It's amazing to me ... how much I love people ... my kids, in this case. It's a love that goes so deep that I ache sometimes. Usually, aching for someone only comes if they leave me. Like, I ache for Emily 'cause she's far away in Nashville. I ache for Shelley 'cause she's far away in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. But my kids are still here! .... I guess I got to thinkin' about how several of my guys will be graduating next May. Ugh. What a hard time that will be! My kids are just growing up on me ... and they're not even that much younger than I am!!! Ha!

But they ... my guys ... were my glimpse of grace for Monday. Just thinking about how proud I was of them, how much I love 'em ... all the gushy stuff a sentimental, emotional girl like me feels when thinking about her kidos. What grace to be apart of their lives ... and for them to be apart of mine! :)

GoG 156: The Night of Cowboys and Cowgirls

Sunday night was our VBS kickoff, and it was awesome! We're doing a Wild West theme this year ... so there were plenty of cowboy hats, vests, boots, "yee-haw's, some chili and hot dogs, and even some country line dancing! Oh, it was amazing! The whole night was a glimpse of grace, really ... what's better than a church family getting together to cheer on the kids of the church by throwing a chili-hot dog-cowboy party! And all to share Jesus with them!

But the country line dancing was the BEST!!!!!! I LOVE to dance!!!! Pretty much any kind! So being given the opportunity to dance is always grace for me. :) If you haven't seen it already, go to my Facebook page, click on "videos" under my profile picture, and you can watch us dance!!! Amazingness, indeed! :D

Sunday, June 6, 2010

GoG 155: The Change that is Still the Same :)

Today (which is really Saturday even though the post will show up on Sunday ... it's 12:20am) was a good day. I helped decorate for Tiff's bridal shower, was apart of the shower, and then helped clean up the mess. I hung out with one of my SoZo girls for an hour or so. Then I came home to clean the house. And finally, some friends came over for a game night. Good times! My GoG for today is #1 that I have friends. But even more specific, #2 - Jared and Mags and Oliver were here at my house. I miss those guys! Ever since Jared and Mags got married, our friendship has changed ... as it must. And then they had Oliver ... changing our friendship even more ... as is what happens. I've been fairly discouraged about nearly all of my close friends getting married and having babies ... only because all of that changes friendships soooo much. I've gotten better about it recently - God's been doin' work on my heart - yay! And tonight was just another blessing - it was more grace in action - 'cause Jared and Mags got to come over for the game night ... they got to be apart even though they are married and Oliver was with them. It was just a huge blessing to get together with old friends. :) It's good to know that even though things are changing, they are still the same. :)

GoG 154: The Facial Expressions of a Baby

So I babysat the McRoberts kids again last night. It's always a good time. They have such good kids ... and they like me, so that's fun! Well, Sam has been my glimpse of grace once or twice this year .... and guess what? He is again! I'll be a little more specific ... but it's still about Sam. :)

Sam is such a good baby. Sure, he cries. But overall, he's pretty happy ... and he's old enough to smile at facial expressions. Oh, so fun! And I like making faces at babies. It is so cool to see all of their expressions in response to mine. They sometimes look confused ... or perplexed ... or scared ... or excited. It's so fun. And Sam is pretty animated. My glimpse of grace was Sam's facial expressions in response to my facial expressions. Having a baby smile back at you is a pretty amazing feeling ... at least I think so. :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

When a Heart is Set on the Things Above ....

Well, Judy just posted a simply amazing and simply authentic post about changes going on in her life. I found myself touched by her post ... and it also got me thinking about the changes in my life ... but more importantly, the lessons I am learning from those changes. In writing a reply to her "I'm Still Alive" post, my thoughts just kept coming! My reply to her is one of the deepest ponderings I've had in awhile .... kind of like a breakthrough almost. I've been so caught up in myself for quite sometime, but God has still been at work - by His mighty grace! And it has been great to simply write and think and dwell on the mind of Christ in me. I wanted to share my ponderings with anyone who wants to read 'em. I hope it touches your heart ... 'cause wow, it is still touching mine.

Life IS changing, isn't it? *Big Sigh* Gosh. That makes me sigh and feel overwhelmed and gets me excited and terrifies me and gives me a deep sense of longing and sadness and joy all at the same time. How does that happen? How can we FEEL so much at one time?

I'm not a mother of four boys. I'm not a mother of anyone - ha! I'm not a wife or a sage (like you!). I'm not acquiring new people into my family (scary, huh? imposing a little, maybe? exciting, too?). But I'm going through lots of changes as well. So much change! Almost all of my friends are getting married, married, having babies, moving away. I'm a college graduate, but I don't like my major. I want to teach, but I can't. I want to work with youth ... and I am. But only part-time? Do I go on to Bible college? Do I find an internship across the world? Do I sign myself up for Eharmony??? .... Ha! Umm ... let's answer "no" to the last one. Haha! .... It weighs on me some days. But it also excites me! "It" being change.

But I'm learning through it all ... slowly but surely ... that God is in control ... that He loves me always ... that His plans are being carried out in ways that never entered my mind ... that He teaches me and pushes me and gives me glimpses of grace no matter how unfaithful I am to Him ... that He is orchestrating every single detail in my life - the exciting ones and the disappointing ones. It has been a long road, and the road continues still ... but I am finally learning lessons - beginning to reap tangible lessons about His working in times of waiting and longing, His healing in times of deep hurts and disappointments, His faithfulness in my unfaithfulness, His grace in all things.

Eternal perspective. I think that's the bottom line, the ultimate lesson that He has been pressing upon my heart and mind all of this time. I don't have it down pat yet, but it sure is amazing to FEEL the progress. I just keep remembering Colossians chapter 3 ... I've memorized the first 17 verses, and they are amazing! God often brings me back to verses 2 and 3: "Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on the earth. For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God." ... I must keep looking to Christ. I must keep seeking the things of His Kingdom. I must remember that my life is so hidden in Christ that it is not even mine anymore.

Therefore, every change ... every hardship ... and aren't those the same thing nearly all of the time? ... every one of them ... God uses them for our good and His glory. And if we really stand back and look at every big and little detail of our lives with an eternal perspective, with Jesus' eyes, then we will see just that - that God is orchestrating all of it. ... Oh, Lord, that we might see with Your eyes! Make us more like you.

GoG 153: The Myriad of Weddings and the Two Dresses

I took a couple of bridesmaid dresses to Cheryl Huffman today. She's a wonderful lady from my church family who hems/alters dresses when I need 'em. I went to her for my dress for Maggie's wedding and my dress for Emily's wedding. Now, I'm going to her for my dress from Tiffany's wedding. So it's a right-below-the-knee-length dress - red, strapless, with a satiny-blue layer that pops out around the bottom of the dress. It's got a blue ribbon tied around the waist with a white flower on top. Super cute! And then there's the dress I wore in Maggie's wedding - long and flowy, a maroon color, spaghetti strap - but double strapped, empire waist with beads hugging the breast line. Cheryl is alter the maroon dress, making it just-above-the-knee length so that I can wear it to my myriad of weddings this summer. I'm so excited!

It's such a blessing to have Cheryl alter the dresses for me ... she gives me a discount for being our church's youth leader ... and she always does it with a cheerful heart. I so appreciate her!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

GoG 152: The Bra and the Lady in Wal-Mart

Ha! Today, I had an interesting conversation with a lady at Wal-Mart. If any guys read this, be warned ... I will be mentioning a bra. Just giving you a heads up. ;)

I went to Wal-Mart to look for a strapless bra, and while I was in the bra section, a woman came up to me and started asking me about the bra she had picked out ... not as if I worked there ... just 'cause she wanted another opinion. Not too weird so far, right? Well ... just wait. So ... in the midst of her asking about her bra, I could tell that she was a "little off." Just a bit of an odd lady ... not quite all there socially ... maybe not as old in her mind as she is physically. Not sure, really ... but it was an odd conversation. So, she's asking me what I think of her bra, all the while talking about how the one she has on just isn't doing it for her ... and then she lifts up her shirt ... as though I want to SEE what she's talking about. ... Umm ... yeah. I was a little uncomfortable. Haha! But again, she was a bit "off" ... so I just smiled and listened to her continue on about her bra situation. During our conversation about bras, she told me about all kinds of family things that had been going on in her life recently and shared with me that she got a tooth pulled last week ... and then she'd start to leave, saying, "have a nice day. I hope your summer is good. Enjoy your summer. I hope you have a good day." Repeating herself over and over ... then turning back to me to continue the conversation ... then saying, "Well, I better go. You're a really nice girl. Have a good day." Ha! It was really quite humorous.

But I don't say all of this to make fun of Peggy Kay. I say it because she was my glimpse of grace for the day. ... I LOVE it when total strangers strike up conversation with me. Heck, smiling at me, saying hi, or just simply making eye contact with me makes my day better. But this lady not only said hi, made eye contact, and struck up a conversation with me, she obviously felt comfortable enough with me to lift up her shirt and show me her bra! Ha! NOT that I wanted her to do that ... haha! But my point is .... she talked to me, felt comfortable talking to me, and I could tell that I really made her day better just by listening to her and talking back. And no matter how odd the conversation, it was a blessing ... it was grace somehow.

GoG 151: The Reminder

Last night, I went to the Women of Worth Bible study that a handful of the Grace ladies and myself attend. It's always a blessing. And last night's discussion brought us back to the concept of "eternal perspective." Basically every godly idea we can think about points us back to an eternal perspective. Trusting God deals with see things the way God sees them - eternal perspective. Waiting on God's timing deals with trusting Him - eternal perspective. Seeking out God's will for our lives deals with letting God do His thing no matter what we desire - eternal perspective. And on and on. :)

I don't have much more to say about our discussion last night and the idea of eternal perspective ... just remembering that it was my GoG yesterday because God is STILL teaching me about maintaining an eternal perspective in my life ... in all things. And it's always good to be reminded of God's lessons ... it's grace.

GoG 150: The Restful Memorial Day

Let's see .... Monday was the 31st. May 31st. Wow! Can you believe it is already June??? Crazy! .... Well, my GoG for the day was having the day off. I didn't do anything too special ... just hung around the house, listened to some Southern Gospel, doddled on Facebook ... I just hung out. So I guess you could say it was another restful day ... I've written about those a few times.

Rest be grace. Yes, indeed. :)