Friday, September 23, 2011

30-Day Photo Challenge Day 4

Well, it's been quite a while since I started my 30-day photo challenge. Got a bit sidetracked - as usual. But here I go again.
So ... I think I'm on day 4 ...

Day 4: A picture of your favorite day

My favorite day is any time I hang out with my teenagers. They are, without a doubt, the joy of my life ... closely followed by dance. But my teens definitely win! :)

In this picture, we had just finished putting on an entire evening of skits, music, and serving spaghetti and salads and garlic bread for our big-time fundraiser. We were headed to Cottage Cove (our summer mission trip in 2010), and this "dinner and a show" fundraiser was one of the most involved SoZo events in years. We practiced and planned for weeks and weeks, and it was a huge success.

It was so amazing spending this kind of time with the teens. I really got to see more into their personalities, saw more of their talents, and just became even more proud than I already was. ... It is such a gift working in youth ministry. I am totally in love with my kids, so my best days are spent loving them and being loved on by them.