Sunday, October 20, 2013

Thankful Joy (Stolen from Emily)

One of my favorite things to do in the blogger world is steal post ideas from my fellow bloggers.  Emily over at "The Thought Spot ..." has the coolest blog I've ever seen, and I'm stealing her "Thankful Joy" post so that I can share what I'm thankful for too.  Yay!  So here goes ...

I'm incredibly thankful for ....

#1 - The Holy Spirit's work in my life every single day!
#2 - My wonderful, loving, beautiful, godly husband, Darrell :)
#3 - Lessons - God is teaching me so much about being thankful and practicing His presence ... and after my devotions last night, I think He's gonna start a new lesson about being zealous in my relationship with Him and finding new ways to serve Him (taken from Romans 12:11).  I'm so thankful that God continues to teach us when we devote ourselves to seeking Him!
#4 - My friends - even though I rarely get to see them anymore, I have some pretty awesome friends who continue to be my friend, allow us to pick up where we leave off, and love me always.  I have so many great friends, but the friends I'm specifically talking about are Emily, Maggie, Hannah, Sara-Ruth, Shelley, and Tiffany.  I am so thankful for lasting, godly friendships.
#5 - Youth ministry - My husband and I work as youth pastors at our little church in Danville, and we are absolutely in love with our kids!  Teenagers (and now, college-age folks!) are amazing!!!
#6 - God's provision - He works in my life everyday, provides for the needs of my husband and me, blesses us everyday in small, if not big ways.
#7 - A trip to Nashville to see Emily soon!  I am sooooo excited to see Emily next month!  I never get to see her or talk to her anymore ... so I can't wait!!!! :)
#8 - Joy

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dear Rick and Patti

Rick and Patti are my Bible study leaders, and they are amazing people of God.  I recently wrote them this email .... and once I got done writing it, I thought how well it tells about what God has been teaching me lately and how I am growing in the Lord ... so I wanted to share this encouragement with all of you. :)

Dear, Rick and Patti,

Thank you so much for teaching us so much about thankfulness.  Thank you for being a true example of thankfulness and sharing testimonies about how thankfulness has changed your perspective.  Thank you for promoting an attitude of thankfulness week after week at Bible study.  You guys are an amazing encouragement to me!  I am so thankful for you both and for our 20somethings group.  God is so good!

I have been learning so much about thankfulness AND practicing the presence of God over the past couple of months.  For so long, I was so discontent with my job.  I just felt like what I did meant nothing, and I had so much downtime that I was losing my mind.  I was so physically and emotionally drained.  And it was all because I was NOT practicing thankfulness. ... Well, I have been learning and living thankfulness, and wow!  Thankfulness really does change everything!  I really enjoy my job now.  I feel purpose in it.  I find joy in so many little things throughout the day.  I am using my downtime more wisely.  And I am sooo thankful for my job AND my season of life!  And ya know what?  I just got a 4.2% raise, and I found out that I have 2 personal days paid!  I considered it a HUGE blessing, and through it, I believe God was telling me, "Hey, if you just chill out, I'll take care of you ... I wanna bless you and teach you at the same time!"  And wow, does He take care of me!  I am so grateful for His grace and love and the work of the Holy Spirit in my life.  God is so incredibly good!  I haven't been this content and excited since I was in high school.

Psalm 37:3 really is the key to life!
Trust in the Lord.
Do good.
Dwell in the land.
Befriend faithfulness.
(And I don't think God will mind if I add ...)
Be thankful.

Wow!  And really ... add verses 4 and 5 .....
Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desire of your heart.  Commit your way to the Lord, and He will act.
'Cause that's what trusting, doing good, enduring, faithfulness, and thankfulness do ... they are God's desire for us, which becomes OUR true desire which results in God acting in our lives!  And hey, doesn't that sound like abundant life?? :D

Thank you, Jesus!  And thank you, Rick and Patti, for being faithful, thankful, and a wonderful example of Jesus in my life.

Love you guys,
Mical :)