Sunday, March 30, 2014

SoZo Devotionals: Romans

Hello, again!
I hope, if you've been working through the SoZo devotionals, that you're soaking in some good Truth and thinking more on the things of the Lord.  That is the goal of daily devotionals ... to refocus our minds on the Lord.  With all the distractions and worries and frustrations of this life, we need to REFOCUS on what and who is most important.  Taking just a few minutes out of each day, putting these Truths into practice, and practicing dwelling on the Lord through prayer and thankfulness each day helps us refocus.  I hope you will keep practicing your faith with me!

This week, our devotionals are pretty simple but may take a little extra time.  But you be the judge!  You can rewrite EACH verse, or just pick out the verses that speak to you the most.  This is YOUR devotional time, so make the most of it!  You will be reading through Romans chapter 8, probably one of my top-ten favorite chapters in the Bible.  Each day, read the suggested verses, and then rewrite each verse, putting it in your own words ... another way to think about each verse is to ask, "What does this verse mean?" and then write it down.  And don't forget to spend a few minutes in prayer ... whether you journal your prayers, pray them out loud, or find another way to pray.  Don't be afraid to pour out your heart to God, like it says in Psalm 62:8.  Just talk to Him like you would talk to a friend.

We're starting on Monday this week!
Monday, March 31st - Read Romans 8:1-8.
Spend some time rewriting each of these verses, asking yourself, "What does this verse mean?"
And pray. :)

Tuesday, April 1st - Read Romans 8:9-11.
Pray. :)

Wednesday, April 2nd - Read Romans 8:12-17.
Pray. :)

Thursday, April 3rd - Read Romans 8:18-25.
Pray. :)

Friday, April 4th - Read Romans 8:26-30.
Pray. :)

Saturday, April 5th - Read Romans 31-39.
Pray. :)

Have a wonderful first week of April, y'all!  Spring is coming ... we just don't know when! ;)  Be thankful anyway!  That's what I'm gonna keep trying to practice!  Love you guys! :)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

SoZo Devotionals: Just some cool Scriptures :)

Hey, you guys!  Here are some Scriptures God has been showing me over the past couple of weeks.  Hope you get a chance to do some devos this week, whether these or some others you have found.  Let's keep practicing knowing God better every single day! :)

Sunday, March 23rd - Read Psalm 86:10-12
~ v. 10 - List the "wondrous things" God has done in your life recently.
~ v. 11 - This verse talks about an "undivided heart."  What things in your life distract you from the Lord?  What things cause your heart to be divided?
~ v. 12 - Write down some things you're thankful for ... and then take some time to thank God for 'em!
I just finished my book, Too Busy Not To Pray by Bill Hybels, and he suggested journaling/examining your life and praying what you write down.  It's a great way to practice prayer! ... Take some time to examine your life today (or if you're a morning devo-er, examine your life yesterday).  Write down some attitudes/sins/joys/experiences from today ... and pray through them.

Monday, March 24th - Read Psalm 73:23-26
~ v. 23 - What do you need comfort for today?
~ v. 24 - What do you need wisdom (counsel) for in your life right now?
~ v. 25 - Do you really desire God above all else?  What/Who is standing in your way of desiring God?
~ v. 26 - Think about what you're going through these days ... how can applying the Truth of this verse give you strength?
Take some time to examine your life today.

Tuesday, March 25th - Read 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
~ What do you think it means for our bodies to be "temples of the Holy Spirit"?
~ We were "bought with a price."  What was that price?  What will be your response to that price?
~ How can you treat your body as a temple to the glory of God?
Take some time to examine your life again today.

Wednesday, March 26th - Read Psalm 46:10
~ In the NASB, this verse says "Cease striving, and know that I am God."  Look up the definition of strive.
~ When is is good to strive?  When is it bad to strive?
~ Why would God want us to "cease striving" and "be still"?
~ How/when can you practice being still in your life?
Take some time to examine yourself.

Thursday, March 27th - Read Isaiah 6:1-8
~ What was Isaiah's response to seeing God in all His holiness and power?
~ What sin are you struggling with right now?  Read and pray through Psalm 139:23-24.
~ v. 7 - God offers us the same forgiveness.  What kind of comfort does this promise bring you?
Don't forget to spend some time examining your life today!

Friday, March 28th - Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
~ v. 16 - What would it take for you to be joyful everyday, even when things are hard?
~ v. 17 - What does your prayer life look like?  How can you practice praying more often?
~ v. 18 - How does being thankful help you accomplish God's will?
Examine yourself.

Saturday, March 29th - Read Proverbs 3:5-6
~ Why is it difficult to trust in the Lord?
~ How can you put your trust in the Lord into practice this week?
Spend some time praying, examining your life today.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

SoZo Devotionals: Philippians

On Sunday, Pastor challenged us, the congregation, to read through the book of Philippians this week.  So our SoZo devotionals for this week will be made up of just that ... the book of Philippians. :)  Pastor also told us that the main theme of Philippians is JOY.  Yay!  Joy is a wonderful thing ... especially when we learn to LIVE it in our everyday lives!
Look below for this week's daily devotionals ....

Sunday, March 16th - Read Philippians chapter 1.
Describe the joy you feel when you think about how God's not done with you yet (Phil. 1:6).

What joy do you find in this prayer? --> Phil. 1:9-11

What joy can be found in dying (Phil. 1:21)?

Character is being and acting in the same way whether people are watching your life or you are in secret.  What joy can be found in living with character (Phil. 1:27)?

Monday, March 17th - Read Philippians 2:1-11.
What joy is there in putting other people's needs before your own (Phil. 2:3-4)?

When you think about what Jesus went through for your salvation, explain how Jesus' sacrifice affects your joy (Phil. 2:5-11).

Tuesday, March 18th - Read Philippians 2:12-30.
How do you feel knowing that your ability to do good in this world can only come from God and not from yourself (Phil. 2:13)?

How do you think doing everything without complaining affects your joy (Phil. 2:14)?

Wednesday, March 19th - Read Philippians 3:1-11.
How can having the perspective that nothing compares with Christ bring you joy (Phil. 3:7-11)?

Thursday, March 20th - Read Philippians 3:12-21.
How can keeping your mind fixed on the prize of heaven give you joy (Phil. 3:12-14)?

What do you think about Philippians 3:20-21?  Do these verses give you joy?  If yes, then how so?

Friday, March 21st - Read Philippians 4:1-9.
How can pouring out your heart to God bring you joy (Phil. 4:6-7)?

How are peace and joy related (Phil. 4:7)?

How can thinking about and doing godly things bring you joy (Phil. 4:8)?

Saturday, March 22nd - Read Philippians 4:10-23.
How can practicing contentment bring you joy (Phil. 4:11-12)?

What do you think about Philippians 4:19?  Does this verse give you joy?  If yes, then how so?

Have a wonderful week, my favorites!  Love you all! :)