Friday, September 11, 2015

Haddie is 4 months old!

I'm continuing to be late with Haddie's monthly posts ... oh, well.  #momlife, right? ;)

What Haddie is learning and doing ...
Grabbing on to/grasping for everything ~ chews on everything she can get her hands on ~ drools a lot ~ plays with toys everyday ~ likes noise-making toys and chewy toys the best ~ watches Baby Einstein almost everyday and engages with it more all the time ~ laughs and smiles constantly ~ makes lots of cooing and grunting sounds ~ lights up when she sees her mama and daddy - yay! ~ starting to get upset with most people outside of her parents and grandparents ~ starting to push/pull herself across the floor ever so slightly ;) ~ gets fixated on phone cameras, water bottles, fans, lights, and bright colors ~ starting to eat solid foods like oatmeal, yogurt, and mashed potatoes and is struggling to get the concept ~ can occupy herself for long periods of time ~ takes 2-3 cat-naps a day ~ still sleeping 7-8 hours a night ~ eating 5-6 ounces of formula but not quite as often as she used to ~ I know I'm forgetting some things, but there's a good list for now. :)

What Mama is learning and doing ...
Loving being home with my baby girl everyday ~ still open to finding jobs to work from home and trying to figure out what can and cannot be done with Haddie still needing quite a bit of attention ~ doing some babysitting and house cleaning a few times a month ~ still going to counseling and making some progress with accepting grace and not condemning myself all the time ~ trying to go on more walks ~ working through watching the 10 seasons of Smallville with Darrell (three seasons to go!) ~ reading Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer ~ going to a Tuesday morning ladies' Bible study and a Wednesday night young couples' study and loving them both! ~ loving my Haddie girl's smiles - she's such a happy baby! :) ~ Again, I'm sure there's more, but this is a decent list.

Happy Friday, y'all! :)