Monday, October 5, 2015

Haddie is 5 months old!

Our Haddie girl is 5 months old now and getting more fun with every new day!

What Haddie is doing and learning .....
We've officially turned the monitor off, so as far as we know, she's still sleeping through the night ... a good 8-9 hours ~ she's still grabbing for things constantly ~ putting every single thing she can get her hands on into her mouth ~ still drooling ~ she sticks her tongue out all the time ~ she recently started to make a face we like to call the "turtle face" ... so cute and hilarious! ~ drinking 6 ounces of formula every 2-3 hours ~ eating baby food a little more often ... so far, her favorites are applesauce and sweet potatoes ~ watching her own hands ~ moving around on the floor even more ... following toys she pushes around and just wanting to get moving ~ tries to sit up constantly ... she definitely gets a good ab workout everyday ~ started going to a regular babysitter most Wednesday nights while we're at Bible study ... we love you, Darian! :) ~ got through her first major sickness ... at least it was major to us! ... diarrhea :( ~ sitting in her bumbo seat regularly ~ watching Baby Einstein and loving it ~ learning to get used to a new play area (the upstairs of grandma's store, The Porch) while mommy does office work ... but she's not adjusting very well yet ~ laughing more ... especially at daddy's shenanigans ~ still loving to hear daddy sing ... it calms her right down most of the time ~ wearing lots of 6 month clothes already ~ loving funny noises (mouth sounds) ... especially when daddy does them ~ still staying the night with granny and grampy every Friday night ~ still capturing our hearts everyday!
Possibly teething and crawling very soon! :)

What Mama is doing and learning .....
Still learning to find the balance ... between being productive and just loving my little girl ~ continuing to find freedom from self-condemnation ~ beginning to find freedom from not being able to voice my needs/opinions ~ loving my Bible studies on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday nights ~ still working at praying more/reading Christian books more and watching TV/piddling less ~ actively working to communicate with my husband better ~ working three hodge podge jobs to help bring in some extra cash - babysitting, house cleaning, and office work ~ loving date nights with my Darrell, game nights with friends, and going to church every Sunday morning AS A FAMILY :):):) ~ loving smiles and laughs with my Haddie girl ~ still trying to eat better and go for more walks ... it is a daily struggle that I often fail at ~ so thankful for Darrell's new, old job ~ so thankful to be home with my Haddie girl everyday ~ so thankful we live with my parents and get to share this special season of life with them ~ so thankful my favorite time of year has officially begun (October 1st-January 1st is the BEST! ... cool weather, holidays, family get-togethers ... and this year ... all of Haddie's firsts!) ~ growing in thankfulness ... can you tell? ;) ~ praising God for His faithfulness and provision and work in our lives

Happy Monday, y'all! :)