Friday, November 6, 2015

Haddie is 6 months old!

We can't believe it!  Haddie is already 6 months old!  These posts are to share what she's doing and learning each month ... but this month, we should really be asking what is she NOT doing and learning?  She is doing so great and developing so well!  We are so proud and so grateful! :)

What the Haddie girl is doing and learning these days ...
She is sitting up on her own ~ crawling ... yep!  She doesn't have the technique down just yet, but she is definitely mobile!  Look out, world!  And look out, mama's world ... it's about to change forever! ;) ~ pulling herself up on to things ... trying to stand already but not quite strong enough ~ babbling more ~ she has this excited thing she does - she shakes and extends her arms and opens her eyes wide ... cracks us up! ~ going through the mommy phase ... wants mommy the most and doesn't go to many other people very well ~ fights sleep even harder these days ~ lots of independent play ... in her walker, exersaucer, pack 'n play, and the floor ~ still really liking Baby Einstein ~ falling on her head several times a day ... she's learning to crawl and sit and explore ... a few bumps and bruises are bound to happen ~ eating lots more solid food ... about twice a day - she loves oatmeal, rice cereal, applesauce ... and we just found out she really, really likes strawberries ... but we haven't found anything she doesn't like yet ~ still putting everything in her mouth and chewing on it ... no teeth poppin' through yet though ~ beginning to sleep longer some mornings

All around .... she is amazing!  We grow more in love with her everyday!

What Mama is doing and learning ...
I've been trying to develop a hobby ... because I have none - been thinking about tapping into the creative side of my brain with some home decor ideas and decorating/prayer project ideas for Haddie and our home ... it's a work in progress and will only happen as we have a little money for it, but I have ideas galore! ~ still going to counseling, and Darrell is even coming with me ~ started a prayer journal for Haddie ... in efforts to pray for her even more often :) ~ been feeling quite productive lately ... cooking at home more, organizing a few areas of the house, making our own baby food, getting a lot of tea packaged at The Porch for mom, caring for Haddie, packing yummy lunches for my hubby, working on communicating with my hubby, getting involved with Bible studies and other "behind-the-scenes ministries" through church, practicing thankfulness ... and my next project is finally getting some pictures developed and getting 'em up on the walls at home! ~ still working at eating better and exercising more ... still failing ... but I'm continuing to work at finding motivation ~ my hodge podge jobs are going really well, and I am so, so thankful for them ~ absolutely loving being a mama and getting to stay home with Haddie - such an incredibly humongous blessing that I thank God for just about everyday ~ still loving my Bible studies ~ thinking about starting a mommy group with my fellow church mamas after the first of the year ~ loving the way Haddie reaches for me all the time ~ still reading Battlefield of the Mind ~ praying for doors of opportunity for Darrell's job, Haddie's salvation, and that we will become a family of faithfulness, thankfulness, and selflessness