Thursday, February 4, 2016

Haddie is 9 months old!

Haddie girl turned 9 months old yesterday ... I love watching her face mature in our monthly pictures.  She becomes more beautiful everyday!  She is such a good girl, full of smiles and growing personality.  We think she's gonna be a bit stubborn, but she is as sweet as can be, independent, and full of life and new noises.  Just love being this girlie's mama!

What Haddie is doing and learning these days ....
Teething!!!  And no, it's not very fun for anyone ~ likes her pacifier quite a bit ~ making new noises: spitting noises, "mama", "dada", "nahnah" ... just lots of babbling in general :) ~ starting to understand how to drink out of a sippy cup ~ eating much less pureed food and more table food ~ she really likes to feed herself ... she'd prefer that most of the time ~ in the 66 percentile or higher for length (28 inches) and weight (21.7 pounds) ~ standing up all by herself from time to time ~ taking naps in her car seat ... this girl barely takes naps during the day, but when she does?  She's in her car seat! ~ likes playing with daddy ~ likes mommy to hold her best when she's upset ~ drawn to facial expressions, mouth noises, clapping sounds ~ doesn't like weird noises like aluminum foil crinkling or the Nutri-bullet grinding ~ loves looking in mirrors ~ extra clingy and a little extra fussy lately ... wants to be held a lot more often (probably from the teething?) ~ still totally sweet and lovable ... growing like a weed and soaking up knowledge like a sponge!

What Mama is doing and learning these days ....
Practicing thankfulness :) ~ trying to figure out how to get the girlie to nap so that I have more time for prayer, reading, blogging, etc. ... just wanna have some time to do things that are truly important and good "me time" but that I can't do while she's up and goin' ~ Slowly reading some really good books and excited to start the rest of my reading list ~ still going to counseling, and it's really providing good tools for communication in my relationship with Darrell ~ wondering about God's timing with another baby ... just curious :) ~ trying to shop and eat more whole and organic foods and get motivated to try new recipes for better health and more variety ~ working out more regularly but struggling to stay motivated ... and struggling to exercise with the girlie hanging all over me - she always seems the most clingy when I wanna get my workout in - haha! ~ learning a lot about practice, thankfulness, dependence on the Lord, remembering what's most important and doing those things, and not trying to control everything ~ growing more in love with my husband and my baby girl all the time ~ so thankful for our season of life ... time together as a family, staying home with Haddie, being apart of a wonderful church family, God's provision, learning lessons ... God's just cool! ~ excited to see what God's got in store for 2016 and beyond!