Friday, February 3, 2017

Bethel is 3 months old!

Our sweet Beth is growing up too fast, as all babies do.  We are so grateful to be her parents.  God is so good to us!

What Bethel is doing and learning these days ...
Grinning up a storm! ~ Cooing and making other baby noises a lot more ~ She can flip from belly to back ... that often wakes her up overnight way before Mommy wants her to up! ~ She's quite the squirmy worm ... you put her on her back or her tummy for any length of time, and she's wiggling away ... literally! ~ She engages more with facial expressions and noises (like Haddie and Daddy playing loudly in the same room) ~ She is starting to engage with shows like Baby Einstein ~ She pretty much sleeps through the night ... as long as we give her a blanket and don't put her down before 8:30pm ~ She's pretty chill as long as her belly is full ~ She likes sitting up where she can see everything ~ She is quickly outgrowing her 3-6 month clothes and drinking over 5 ounces at her feedings already! ~ An all-around cutie bug!

What Mama is doing and learning these days ...
LOVING the Youth Mamas' Group!!!! ~ Helping Darrell cook and pack his healthy foods for his BeachBodies bootcamp ~ Working out with Darrell 4-6 days a week! ~ Loving that this healthy eating plan Darrell is doing gives us much more time together and is motivating me to exercise and eat better too ~ Feeling very distracted and exhausted a good amount of the time ... #momlife, I guess ~ So thankful for this season of life ... I love being a wife, mom, living with my parents, leading the mamas' group, going to our church, growing in my walk with Christ and in thankfulness, and remembering almost constantly how blessed I am! ~ Basking in God's grace and faithfulness ~ Just thankful :)