Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This, That, Either, or Neither (AKA Another Stolen Post From Judy!) :)

Well .... since my life is so crazy, I don't have time to blog anymore. Sadness. Mostly because I (most of the time) put a lot of thought into my posts. And who has time to think when they're going to school and working in the writing center 10 hours a week and helping out with after school twice a week and going to small group and Higher Ground and youth group .... and what about Jesus time and friends time and sane time? (Oh wait! I don't have any of that last one.) ;) ..... Anyway! (Alex, please don't hate me for getting to this blog post before I've written you back. I AM in the process of a long, thought out, reply to your marvelous e-mail!) .... Again ... anyway! I saw this post on Judy's blog, and since I'm not busy here in the writing center at the moment, I'm gonna post a fun and mindless post. :)

Judy calls this post This, That, Either, or Neither.

Jog or Walk?
For exercise .... jog. Although I've been a bum about it this week. I've gotta get my 3 times in before the end of the week or Mags and Em are gonna kill me (we've set a goal and a reward that will be lost if I don't get my 3 days of exercise in!)
For chats with friends .... walk. It's awful tough to run and talk at the same time.
For everyday purposes .... walk. Although ... I kind of like to run from time to time. :)

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee is N A S T Y !!!
SWEET tea is my F A V O R I T E drink in the whole wide world!

Pepsi or Coke?
VANILLA coke is my all-time favorite carbonated beverage ... and really the only one I drink.

Flats or Heels?
F L A T S!!!! Oh my goodness! I am so NOT a girl! I almost despise heels!

Fries or Onion Rings?
Not a big fan of onions. And potatoes are my favorite food ever!!! Therefore - fries!
Cats or Dogs?
NEITHER. I don't like animals - any kind. My motto is "When pets attack!"

Skim or Whole Milk?
2% is my favorite. Yes, I know .... the more fat and the few vitamins, the better! ;)

Small or Big Purses?
I've always carried a big one .... so I guess I like big purses best.

Van or SUV?
Van, baby! I'm gonna need one if I ever have those gobs and gobs of kids that I want! (If you didn't know, I wanna have at least 6 or 7 kids someday!)

Winter or Summer?
Ugh! How about fall! That's the best season there is! Period.

1 Piece Bathing Suit or 2?
Ugh. If I MUST pick ... a one piece. But they are both pretty awful.

Sit Down Restaurant or Fast Food?
Sit down! Hello! More time and comfort for conversation!

McDonald's or Burger King?
McDonald's. Best french fries. Sweet tea! Yeah ...

White Gold or Yellow Gold?
What the heck? What about just gold?

Fish or Chicken?
Fish ... and pretty much any kind of seafood is gross. ..... Therefore - Chicken!

Edward or Jacob?
My initial reaction was .... "What?! Who are they?" .... Then someone in the writing center said ... "Twilight." ...... I guess I'd pick Edward .... but I actually kind of like the blond guy who asks Bella to the prom. I think his name is Mike. He's a nice guy.

Pizza or Burger?

Apple or Orange?
Oranges :)

Spend Money or Save Money?
Sadly, I spend more than I save. :/

1 Story or 2 Story House?
Ummm .... I love my house, which is a two-story. But ... it's my HOME ... so I'd love it no matter what. In reality ... I don't care much about the house .... I care about the family in it.

Alrighty! Well, that was fun! Have a great day, everybody!

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bmhs said...

Fun, fun!
This was full of Micalness. :)

Thanks for the email! No, I wasn't mad at you for posting this "mindless" thing and waiting until you had time to be "mindful" in our book. :)

Y si, tienes razon. Voy a salir paraMexico manana por la manana!
(Yes, you are right. I am going to leave for Mexico tomorrow morning)

Hasta luego, amiga,