Saturday, October 10, 2009

Braggin' about My Brother :)

My brother came home today. He goes to school in Evansville. And while he was home, he told my dad and me a story.

He went to a party on Friday night .... there was drinking. My brother doesn't drink. But his roommate drank a bit too much. Wes only stopped by for a few minutes ... to say hi to a friend. .... Shortly after they got back to their apartment, his roommate starts sobbing and telling Wes how awful his life has been, how bad things have happened, how hurt and lonely he had been. My brother didn't really know what to do or what to say .... but when his roommate talked about how lonely and unhappy he was, my brother started telling this guy about Jesus!!! Wes told me and my dad ... "As soon as he started talking about how lonely he was, I knew I had to talk to him about Christ." ... Wes got to share his testimony with his roommate on Friday night. When I asked him for the details ... "So what did you say?" ... he said ... "I just told him about my freedom in Christ. I always say things like, 'don't sweat it' to him, and I was able to tell him why I say that all the time. I told him I don't get worked up about things 'cause I have Christ in my life. I'm a happy, confident guy because I have Him." (Okay ... so that's not word-for-word ... but it's a pretty good paraphrase.) :) .... Wes also said that his roommate told him that he really appreciates Wes' friendship. And his roommate told him, nearly word-for-word .... "You're not only my friend, you're my role-model. I watch the way you live your life, Wes, and I try to live that way." .... Wow! What a compliment!!!!

Gosh. I was so proud of him! I AM so proud of him!!!! He's told more than one story about this kind of thing since he got into college a couple years ago. He's really grown in the Lord, and I am just so excited to get little glimpses of it here and there. :)

Really, the more I hear about all that he's accomplishing by his godly example ... the more I watch his consistency in character and dedication to the things he's passionate about and the discipline he has ... I want to be just like him. He has really grown up over the past few years, and I am incredibly proud of him. The more I think about it ... I'm with his roommate on this one!!!! Wes is more than my brother, he is one of my role-models too. :)

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Anonymous said...

Yay for Wes!
Such things are always real encouragements. Thanks for sharing this story!
How's After-School going?

Necesitamos reunirnos prontamente! :) What days work well for you with your schedule?