Friday, December 4, 2009

Simple Joys: Part 2 :)

Joy is such an amazing gift from the Lord!

I wanna bask in it again tonight!

So here are some "simple joys" I've experienced this week ....

We'll call this Simple Joys: Part 2.

~ The humbling experience at the ice skating rink with friends ... not only can I not skate, but I fell down within the first 10 minutes! Josh and Alec were the only ones who got to see it too. Ha ha!
~ Little Barrett grabbing my hand and holding it during our entire walk to Monument Circle.
~ Getting the best haircut of my life! And getting a hug from Kayla afterwards :)
~ Seeing that most of the shirts I bought at Old Navy said "Small" on the size tag.
~ Meeting with the Common Ground youth pastors and getting a hug from Jeremy Wright.
~ Having Mathanael as my buddy at after school - piggy back rides, sitting on my lap while I helped him with his homework, him asking me to sit next to him during Bible time ... ah! Life is good :)
~ Getting hugs from Diazaun and KeAndre as I left after school.
~ Getting a "bye, Mical" from Mr. James as I headed out the door at after school.
~ Having a really good tutoring session in which I helped an English Composition student expand his ideas and narrow his thesis.
~ Helping Mathanael with his math homework.
~ Racing Diazuan with his math problems - he won.
~ Lunch with Maggie and Hannah.
~ Getting an uplifting e-mail from Alex.

I wanna pay closer attention to the simple joys in my life!!!! God is so good! :)

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jan said...

I loved this post Mical. I think I'll try this-it might be a fun weekly thing.....
Oh! btw-I'm buying some "smalls" too, for the first time in my life. Fun, fun, fun, eh?:-)