Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Emily #4

Dear Emily,


I got home from Bible study tonight feeling pretty good ... more optimistic than the rest of my week so far. And then I watched a really ridiculous video you posted, and it made me ache a little. And then I saw that you were online, so I said hi. But I don't think you were really online. So then I thought "my Dear Emily posts!" So here I am. :):):)

How are you???
I was really behind with your 366 photos blog, so I glanced through your maaarvelous pictures. The two stories I want to hear ... about the cute piece of pottery? And ... what was the other one? Oh, the keys! You locked yourself AND your client out of HER house, huh? Sounds like a hoot! You must share these stories sometime. :)

I noticed that you're still restless. Me too. What's a girl to do but keep trusting God with it all? I wish that wasn't so hard!!! It's just been a rough week from that standpoint. It doesn't help that business has been super slow at The Porch. For some reason, when business is slow at work, I always start thinking about how my life isn't what I thought, how I want something new, "oh, woe is me." That whole downward-spiraly deal. But then, of course, God brings me back to reality. It's taking a little longer this week ... but I'm getting there. Bible study with the Cooks and the Adamsons tonight helped a bit. :) We love those guys. :D ... But God brings me back and reminds me how good I've got it - I love my teenagers; I love dance (and my dance instructor!) :D; I'm in a really good season right now. I'm bound to have restless days (or weeks) ... but I'm gonna come out (more than) okay. I hope God brings you back to those realizations too, in your restless season.

Well, I'm just missing you a lot tonight. I hope you're having a great week! I'm off to do some Zumba!!! :D

Love you tons,
Mical :)

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emily said...

Oh mical.... i love you! i must've just hopped in the shower when you messaged me... sorry about that! I will have to tell you those stories sometime soon, you will get a big kick out of BOTH of them! haha