Saturday, June 6, 2015

Haddie is One Month Old!

Well, I wanna post a picture and blurb about our beautiful Hadassah Ruth once a month around her month birthday at least for her first year, but we'll see how that goes since I'm already late with the first one.  Haha!  We'll blame it on the fact that I'm a new mom, and Haddie is wonderful but a lot of work! ;)

Haddie turned a month old this past Sunday, on May 31st.  Craziness!  Everyone told me it would go by so fast and that she would change so much on a daily basis, and both of these things have been found true for our Haddie girl! :)

Haddie is learning lots of things these days and growing all the time!  In fact, we think she's going through a growth spurt already because she sleeps for longer periods of time and wants to be fed almost every moment she's awake.  Since we brought her home from the hospital, she's pretty much always given us 3-hour stretches for sleep overnight.  Occasionally, she'll only give us two ... sometimes, she'll give us 4 ... and once or twice, she has given us 5 hours of sleep all at once!!!  Haha!  Last night, she spent her first night in her own room - soooo excited about that!  We're still gonna use the baby monitor for a bit, and I only had to get up with her once.  She started lifting her head on her own before we even left the hospital and has only gotten stronger with it since.  So we're comfortable letting her sleep on her belly.  And let me just say, praise Jesus for tummy sleep!  She loves it and sleeps so well. :)

What Haddie is learning and doing ... sleeping in her own bed in her own room ~ tummy time/tummy sleep ~ lifting her head on her own without whacking mommy and daddy in the face with it ~ working on rolling over but just gets stuck on her side ~ eating 4 ounces of formula every 2-4 hours - yeah, she's gonna be a chunker! ~ learning she can't be held every moment she's awake (but not learning it all that well yet) ~ being mesmerized by lights and bright colors ~ likes looking out the window ~ likes being rocked in our arms but not in her swing ~ loves being with daddy ... daddy is so good at calming her down and playing with her (the best you can with a one-month-old) ~ going to granny and grampy's (Darrell's parents) just about every Friday night for a sleepover ~ falling asleep during every car ride ~ seems to like walks in the park - she's either taking in all the light and sights or sleeping ... both of these things say "like" to me!

What Mommy is learning and doing ... eating cold food ~ losing sleep ~ growing in her attitude about losing sleep ~ still checking to see if Haddie is breathing from time to time ~ using a baby monitor but doesn't really need it 'cause her "mommy sense" is working well ~ trying to not be so hard on herself all the time ~ learning to just enjoy Haddie and not worry about all that "needs to be done" ~ striving to fit in QUALITY times with the Lord while Haddie naps ... this is still a work in progress ~ trying to fit in some time for reading good books and failing at it ~ learning that formula is super expensive and barely lasts two days - ha! ~ learning that trusting God is the most important thing she can do with her life and Haddie's life ~ remembering on a regular basis how she can't get too attached to her own plans ~ learning Haddie's various cries and what they mean ~ learning to be patient during midnight wailing fests and early evening fussy times ~ loving just watching Haddie sleep in her arms ~ loving the short times that she and Haddie can just look into each other's eyes ~ wondering what Haddie is thinking ~ wondering if Haddie knows how much she loves her ~ loving the bond she and her hubby are creating through Haddie's life ~ loving to watch Darrell with Haddie - he is incredible with her! ~ loving to watch Haddie with all four of her grandparents - they are all absolutely smitten with her, and we are so grateful that she will know and love them and vice versa

God is definitely using this new season of life to challenge us, delight us, and teach us!  Let the adventure continue!

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