Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Haddie is 2 months old!

It's amazing how fast time is flying with our sweet, baby girl!  I am continuing to learn so much about selflessness and grace, and Haddie is learning so much about what being a human on this planet is all about.  Really, she's a very happy baby.  She's had a stuffy nose for over a week, and she's still just as pleasant as ever. :)

What Haddie is doing and learning ...
Smiling so much more - yay! And she smiles at her mama the most - double yay! ~ Sleeping an average of 6-8 hours a night - yay! ~ Has had an incredibly stuffy nose for over a week now - boo! ~ Has been wearing pretty much only 3-month old clothes since she was 6 weeks old ~ Is eating 4-5 ounces at most feedings ~ Has been falling asleep during almost every feeding over the past several days ~ mostly only takes cat naps during the day ~ Her attention span is growing ... swinging the whole time I'm cooking dinner, rocking in her rock 'n play for several minutes at a time to give mommy's arms a break, and laying on her back, kicking in her crib while mommy gets a few things done here and there ~ Taking in her surroundings more ~ Can see at further distances ~ noticing people more ... especially her mommy (I don't mind that!) ~ Sitting up stronger when you help hold her up

What Mommy is doing and learning ...
Enjoying Haddie's smiles and growing attention span ~ Sad I can do nothing to help Haddie's stuffy nose ... I've asked the doctor a couple of times ~ Loving holding Haddie even more these days ~ Loving watching Haddie look around and take in her surroundings ~ learning that self-condemnation can no longer be a way of life ~ learning that it's normal to not wanna sacrifice time, energy, sleep, etc. for your baby at times ... that I should work at being less selfish but not beat myself to a pulp every single time I am selfish ~ learning that Jesus already died for all of my selfishness, ungratefulness, and unfaithfulness ... now, I just need to let go and live for Him ~ still trying to find the balance between doing what I think I should be doing and what's really most important ~ still trying to make more consistent quality time with the Lord ~ missing the time I had with Darrell before Haddie but loving being parents together ~ missing game nights with Darrell and my friends ~ praying for endurance for Darrell and his job at Pepsi ~ praying for direction about our future ~ grateful I get to stay home with my baby girl everyday ~ grateful for the incredible blessings God continues to give me every single day ~ grateful that God's mercies are new every single day

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