Saturday, April 16, 2016

Haddie is 11 months old!

Well, I'm only 2 weeks late posting Haddie's 11-month post. Ha!

What Haddie is doing and learning ...
Taking a step or two here and there, but no walking yet ~ Loves walking with her walker and holding our hands ~ Giving kisses ~ Biting! Yes, we are staying on her about that one ~ Practicing with her sippy cup and getting her drinks all over herself ~ Wearing 18-month clothes and has been for a few weeks ~ Loves being outside ~ Fruit is still her favorite food from what we can tell ~ Waves at people, even strangers, all the time ~ Continues to love music, especially when she can see and touch the instruments ~ She even dances a little and likes to watch others dance ~ Likes pushing and chasing balls on the floor ~ Likes to be chased ~ Loves games like peek-a-boo ~ Baby Einstein is still her favorite show ~ Starting to climb on things and up stairs ... yep, we've been using the baby gate consistently for a few weeks

What Mama is doing and learning ...
Thankful for my family ~ Physically exhausted most days ~ Extra emotional ~ Struggling with finding some balance but striving to maintain a positive perspective ~ Struggling not to put too many expectations on myself ~ Still learning that I am not saved by what I do but only by God's grace ~ Learning that being faithful is about the motivations of my heart, not about what I do ~ Still so thankful I can stay home with my baby girl ~ Excited and nervous about baby #2's arrival in November ~ So, so thankful God gave me a patient, understanding husband who loves me through everything ~ I am unceasingly thankful for God's many lessons and great patience with me :)

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