Friday, May 6, 2016

Haddie Made it To One!

My baby girl has been on the planet for a whole year!  I can't believe it!

What Haddie girl is doing and learning these days ...
Walking ... a little.  About 6-10 steps at a time, sometimes less. ~ Giving lots of kisses ~ Loves exploring outside - it's her favorite thing to do currently ~ Drinking whole milk now!  Wow!  No more formula ... well, for a few months, then on to baby #2! ;) ~ Learning cause and effect - she recently started putting objects into other objects and taking them out and pushing buttons and levers and such on her toys ... so fun to watch! ~ Taking daily naps IN HER CRIB ... this is big, people! ~ Has moved up to the next size car seat ... craziness! ~ In the 97th percentile for weight ... just under 25 pounds at her 1-year doctor's appointment ~ In the 91st percentile for height ... we've got a good-sized girl on our hands ~ Throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way ... yep, we're figuring out how to help her overcome that everyday ~ Bringing such joy (and a little exhaustion ;)) to her parents and grandparents every single day! ~ Growing into an absolutely beautiful and awesome little person every single day! :)

What Mama is doing and learning these days ...
Making progress with this grace and gratitude thing - HOLLA-LUJAH!!!! ~ Praying for my husband and babies ~ Still working at building my prayer wall ~ So thankful for a healthy pregnancy ~ So thankful for my daughter and what her life is teaching me ~ So thankful for my husband whose love is so amazing I can't fathom it many days :) ~ So thankful for Haddie's afternoon naps ... mama time, folks! ~ Realizing that I don't have to be a perfect wife and mama; I just do my best, and God takes care of the rest ~ Excited to be blogging more often again ~ Still going to counseling, and it is empowering our marriage so much and making me fall even more in love with my husband!!! ~ Excited to see what God is a brewin' and a bringin' to our lives this year and beyond ... it's gonna be good, people!  It already is! :)

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