Friday, June 12, 2009

Why I Do What I Do ...

Well, yet again ... dear Judy has given me another blog post idea. :) What fun!
Today's post is about blogging ....
Specifically the question ... Why blog?
And more specifically ... Why Mical blogs ... :)

I started this blog back in August ... August 2008.
I think it was the 11th of that month.
A couple of friends had blogs ...
And I think Hannah said something like ...
"Mical, why don't you have a blog? You like to write. You really should have a blog."
And that was that.
I created a blog within the next week. :)

So why do I do it?
Well, I think I briefly touched on the answer to this question in my very first blog post ... but here we go again. :)

My subtitle for this blog is .... about friends ... about Jesus ... about lessons learned and learning.
Fun and Faithful Tales ... about friends ... about Jesus ... about lessons learned and learning. :)
I started this blog to share fun stories about me and the friends God has placed in my life.
I also started it to share about how amazing Jesus has been and is in my life. :)
And ... as the blog grew ... I noticed that I wrote a lot about lessons God has been teaching me.
I'm learning all of them the hard way ... 'cause I'm so stubborn and fallen.
And that's right ... I'm still learning them.
So ... I added "about lessons learned and learning."

I'm all about encouragement. I love to encourage people ... actually, it's kind of like a hobby for me. :) It's just what I try to do ... everyday.
So I wanted this blog to be a source of encouragement for folks.
I wanted others to read about what I'm learning and hopefully have their spirits lifted because ...
1. They can see how human I am (mistakes, trials, ect.) and hopefully think "hey, I'm not alone."
2. They can read about lessons I'm learning and think, "wow, I went through that just last week ... or just last month ... or just last year." ... or (hopefully!) see how I've messed up, and say, "whoa! I'm not doin' that!!!"
3. They can get to know me better ... see what I get excited about ... see how messed up I really am ... see into my heart a bit. :)

And I like to write.
I'm not good at explaining the kinds of writing I enjoy.
I consider writing to be a hobby of mine, but when I tell people I like to write, they always ask ... "What kind of writing?" .... And I never know what to say.
I like to write letters of encouragement.
I like to journal prayers to the Lord.
I like to blog.
So now, I guess I can tell people. I like to blog.
And tell them what kind of writing I do on my blog. :)

Blogging is a great way to encourage folks, expand your hobbies, get some thoughts out, remember lessons you've learned (or are still learning - in my case), and it's even a way to talk to God and/or other people about some things that are on your heart.
And it's a ton of fun!

And that's why I blog. :)


Anonymous said...

even though i don't really blog anymore, i still check yours regularly and always am encouraged by what you have to say!! you definitely are an awesome blogger! (no hate there!!!)

Love, love, love you!!!

jan said...

Yep Mical-the Lord has certainly given you the gift of encouragement. I appreciate you and your blog more than words can say...

Anonymous said...

To echo the words of Judicious Judy:
"The Lord has certainly given you the gift of encouragement."

Yep. And you are helping me grow in it! Like we mentioned in chapter 18...growing in each other's niches. Exciting!

Thanks for being Miss Encourager. :D