Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Cute Guy from High School ...

This is a totally ridiculous post.

I wanna know what's up with guys. How the heck can they have such a hold on a girl? Sheesh. ... I was at one of my SoZo senior's open houses a few weeks back and a guy I went to high school with came through the door. He graduated the year before I did. We were in choir together and some musicals. Wow ... I don't even know him that well, and as soon as I saw him, I got really nervous ... and really excited. Oh my gosh. I'm laughing at myself on the other side of this keyboard. Ha! What is up with that? I barely knew him in high school ... I'd only seen him once since he graduated ... what the heck? ... And what's worse ... he knew exactly who I was, talked to me so casually, and well, we just connected. Too much fun.

And oh, how the female mind works. ... I've been having a hard time not thinking about him since the open house. It is really obnoxious being a girl sometimes. My mind is running way ahead of reality. "Did he think I was cute? Is that why he was so attentive?" "Maybe he really will come to church, like he said." "And we could get to know each other ..." Ha! Need I say more? What a dork. If you're a woman reading this, do you know what I'm talking about? Has a cute guy ever paid attention to you, and you ran away with it? Hahaha! I'm laughing out loud once again. Ridiculous. ... Oh, well ... I'm young. I'm single ... very single. I'm allowed to admire God's good work. ... I'll keep being patient though ... God's got somebody for me ... someday. :)

What a hoot ...

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