Friday, June 24, 2011

God's Grammar Rules: Adjectives

Ooo! Ooo! I'm so excited! I was just looking through some old posts, and I found God's Grammar Rules! Do you remember those posts? ... Well, it's time for another one. ... I looked up the definition for adjective, and my favorite DEF is "not able to stand alone; dependent." Good, huh?

When you think about adjectives, you can see that definition ... adjectives often describe nouns ... a noun can stand on its own in a sentence (Watch the cat run.), but an adjective can't (Watch spunky run.). It just doesn't work. But put 'em together, and you've got a more descriptive sentence (Watch the spunky cat run.) Ha! What a lame sentence ... but hopefully you see the point.

I like this new grammar rule for three reasons ...

#1: Being reminded that I can't stand alone helps me DEPEND on God. In my everyday life, I need God to survive - He gives me the very air I breath, and He can take it away. In my everyday life, I need God to help me overcome sin and trials, and without Him, I would just be a big tub of hopeless, sin guts. In my everyday life, I would probably sink into the depths of despair without His love and hope. My life is one big adjective. It exists to bring glory to the Noun, God, Himself. Apart from Him, I can do nothing.

#2: Also, in being an adjective, I need other parts of speech to help me be the best adjective I can be - often, those other parts of speech are verbs or other adjectives. ... I'm learning that it's difficult to stand alone. I've been very lonely lately. My friends will always be my friends - thank you, Jesus, for that. But they are still getting married, having kids, moving away. And that changes things for us ... there is no way around it ... change comes to friendships. God works in the midst of that change, but the change is still hard. My fellow verbs and adjectives are still doing their jobs to complete the sentence of their lives ... but they are leaving me to stand alone just the same. But again, I guess that DEPENDENCY on the Noun makes me a stronger adjective ... which will help me articulate more fully the awesomeness of the Noun to those around me.

#3: Lastly, I love being an adjective who describes the Noun because the Noun gives me a job to do - description - otherwise known as - PURPOSE. I have a reason to live and keep pushing forward in this sentence of life: The Noun loves me enough to give me a calling and to write my story everyday. The Noun thinks I'm beautiful. The Noun MAKES me beautiful. I may make the Noun look good by describing Him to a world of incomplete sentences, but He fulfills me and sticks with me so that I never have to truly stand alone.

I'd say being an adjective is okay ... wouldn't you? ;)
While I was going to school at IUPUI, writing papers and tutoring papers, I came across a lot of weak adjectives. The reason? Thinking up effective adjectives is hard work! You have to really think about it. But don't let that get you down. Be the best adjective you can be. Make Jesus look good! :)

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Hannah said...

This. Is. Awesome. Thank you for the great post! I glad I am an adjective with PURPOSE!! :) Loved this!