Saturday, July 30, 2011

30-Day Photo Challenge Day 1

My next blog project is the 30-day photo challenge :)

30-Day Photo Challenge Day 1: A picture of yourself and 10 facts

#1: I'm one of the biggest goofballs I know
#2: I am the dancin' queen ... especially ballroom - woot, woot! :D
#3: I am a youth pastor, and I LOVE my teenagers!!!
#4: I am addicted to sweet tea :)
#5: Texas Roadhouse is my favorite restaurant ... closely followed by The Porch
#6: I am one of the biggest saps you'll ever meet - a hopeless romantic, indeed.
#7: I love crocs!
#8: I'm a huge Southern Gospel fan ... especially, The Gaither Vocal Band :D
#9: I wear all of my emotions on my sleeve
#10: I really wanna travel to New Zealand someday!

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