Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear Emily #2

Dear Emily,
How was your 4th of July? Had a new DTI group come in yesterday, right? How was the first day of work?

I did basically nothing today. It was great. :) I slept in till 10am, talked to my brother for the 20 minutes he was home (he just came in to town to see his girlfriend ... oh, well), headed to Wal-Mart to buy I Am Number Four and Beastly, got a medium Donatos pepperoni pizza and ate all but two pieces in one sitting ... needless to say, I had a bad stomach ache for the rest of the day. ... And then, believe it or not, I started taking everything down off of my walls in my bedroom!!! Ahh! I can't believe I'm doing it ... but I've been thinking lately that the things on my walls (not all of 'em but most) are outdated - God's using new scripture in my life, the majority of the people in the pictures are not my friends/barely my friends anymore, and I just felt like doing something new ... starting over. It's gonna take a while ... but it's a new, little adventure I started today. :) I've got about 3/4 of my pictures still on the walls, but just about everything else has been taken down. I took a break a few hours ago, to cook some soup beans and cornbread for dinner ... and then I watched State Fair, which I've decided is one of my new favorite movies. I just love Pat and Margie's love story - all two weeks of it. Haha! Good day, indeed.

I hope your day was great too! Watching any fireworks? I can see the ones going off at the high school from my bedroom window. Hope it was a great day for ya ... make sure King Barry doesn't kill himself if he's doing huge fireworks again this year. ;) ... Wow, it sounds like a bunch of guns going off outside my window! ... Talk to ya soon.

Love ya,
Mical :)

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