Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My kids :)

Gosh.  I never blog.  I said I would blog more in 2014 ... and no.  Unless you count the devotionals for my SoZo-ers. ;)  Oh well.  So I'm not a true blogger.  That's okay.  One thing I am is a stalker!  Haha!  I was creepin' on people on Facebook all evening.  Okay, creepin' sounds ... well, creepy.  But I was just seeing how the folks on my friends list are doing ... people from high school mostly.  It's so fun to see who's gotten married and who has kids and look at their pictures occasionally.  ... We're all grown up! ... And then I was reading Emily's (The Thought Spot) and Maggie's (Raising an Ewok) blogs.  They have such beautiful kidos and beautiful families.  It's just so much fun!  I'm sure it is extremely difficult at times ... but they both excel at being parents and loving their husbands and kids.  And they both talk about how the rewards are soooo much greater than the difficulties. ... Darrell and I have been talking about starting a family for months now.  Only God knows when He's gonna bring a baby our way.  But it could happen any day now. ;)  We shall wait and see! :):):)

But until that day ... here are some of my other kids ...

In the above picture, we went to see the new Christian movie that's out, God's NOT Dead.  We had such a great time, and the movie was so cool!

In this picture, I'm making a lame face while everyone else is excited because they told me we were doing the Josh face ... and we weren't!  Josh (far left) has an awesome stone face that he gives at any given time (except this picture, apparently).  He's so nonchalant yet piercing with his facial expressions.  He's such a fun guy with tons of energy, but he's not one to mess with ... and his famed facial expression proves it.  He is a camo, huntin, gun-lover kind of guy after all.  But anyways ... his "Josh face", as we all call it, looks only a tiny bit like the face I'm making in this picture (his is way better!).  Haha!

These are our beloved teenagers (and college-agers)!  We are in love with them and love them like they are our own!

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