Thursday, August 14, 2014

Journey with Jesus Day 26

Ya know, we're always gonna have setbacks, aren't we? We're gonna mess up, make the wrong decision, eat 8 cookies in one sitting. Setbacks are inevitable. But I'm learning that giving up doesn't have to be. ... I try so hard all the time. I wanna be the godliest, most compassionate, most faithful woman I can be. I wanna be the most selfless and supportive and encouraging wife I can be. I wanna lead people to the true joy and Truth of Jesus Christ. I wanna be spiritually and physically and relationally healthy. I wanna ... you get the picture ;) ... And I fail A LOT! ... but I can't ever ever ever give up! I have HOPE for all eternity! So all my efforts down here on earth are NOT a waste, no matter how often I fail. ... it's all a PROCESS of transformation, and I WILL wait to see the finished masterpiece! :)

Breakfast - bacon, cheese, and apple
Lunch - turkey burger ( no bun), veggies, and tomatoes
Snack - cheese & flaxseed crackers and nuts
Dinner - chicken and rice curry
Snack - nuts
More than 64 ounces of water
Hip hop workout video for 30 minutes

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