Monday, December 7, 2015

Haddie is 7 months old!

Growing like a weed!  I can't believe we've already passed the half a year mark!

What Haddie is doing and learning ....
She's pretty much an expert crawler now ~ she spends a good chunk of her day standing because she's pulled herself up on to something ... the ottoman, her exersaucer, her carseat that's sitting on the floor ... she's not quite strong enough to pull herself up on our tall couches, but she's getting close! ~ she eats pureed food at least 3-4 times a day, taking her bottle less and less ~ she babbles and grunts and "yells" a lot ... so cute and fun! ~ she's pretty excited about her food ... the only thing we're not sure if she likes is avocado ... but she's only had it once, so I'm sure we'll make her try it again ~ she watches an episode or two of Baby Einstein almost everyday, and she's mostly watching and engaging in it instead of playing while she watches these days ~ things she really likes: music, daddy playing guitar and singing, playing with her car seat (NOT being strapped in it though, especially for long periods of time), chewing on her baby spoons and teething toys, holding herself in a standing positions using furniture or holding on to someone's hands, her giraffe toys, eating food rather than drinking a bottle, Baby Einstein, "warning" stickers on her car seat, walker, etc., being held and independent play ~ she smiles most of the time ~ been going through a fussy/needy phase the past week ... at least for her ... but overall, still super happy! ~ very curious about everything ~ still putting everything she can get her hands on into her mouth ~ likes cords and wires and turning from her back to her belly while she is getting her diaper or clothes changed ... two things we are trying to teach her not to do - haha! ~ she doesn't like being held by people she doesn't see often ~ very much in the "mommy phase" ... I can't complain ;) ~ crawling to other rooms to explore whether she hears someone in there or not ~ still and always our bundle of joy and adventure :):):)

What Mommy is doing and learning ....
Discovering a new hobby for myself incorporating godly reminders/eternal perspective/prayer/home decor ~ playing lots of table top games with my hubby (and friends too!) ~ absolutely LOVING being a mama ~ growing in communication with my husband ~ continually working on my attitude ... continually practicing thankfulness ~ STILL reading Battlefield of the Mind ... ha!  I recently found a study guide for it, so I kinda had to start over, but that's okay because it's good! ~ working at not being so crazy about the budget ~ praying for our future, Darrell's job, my family's character, my Haddie girl's salvation, and the needs of my friends and church family ~ LOVING the Body of Christ ~ so excited for THREE family Christmases this year ... one of them for a week at a hotel in Columbus, IN! ~ enjoying decorating our home ~ so, so thankful for our season in life - more family time, being a stay-at-home mom, growing in the Lord and in my attitude, and discovering new hobbies for myself and adventures with Haddie :)

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