Thursday, January 7, 2016

Haddie is 8 months old!

I am so in love with this little beauty!  She teaches me so much about being selfless and thankful and hopeful and so much more!

What Haddie is doing and learning ....
Exploring like crazy! ~ Better at grabbing things ~ More coordinated ~ Much more steady when she pulls herself up on to things ~ Starting to climb a bit ... she flipped head over heels over a box recently because she was trying to climb over it! ~ Cruising along furniture a bit ~ Such a happy girl - still!  Smiles and laughter all the time! ~ More personality coming out all the time! ~ Eating soft table foods pretty regularly and loving it! ... She really likes eggs, potatoes, kiwi, bananas, chicken, broccoli ... those are probably her favorites ~ Loves playing with board books (and books in general), Little People, spoons, blocks, and toys that light up and play music ~ She got a bunch of Baby Einsteins for Christmas ... she seems to enjoy them still, but she's becoming more mobile, so she'd rather play on the floor or go exploring ~ Getting more of a bedtime routine (yeah, it took mommy and daddy a while to buckle down with that! ;)) ... bath, story, bottle, rocking to sleep with music quietly playing in the background ~ Sleeping longer ... closer to 12 hours a night (all the parents say "holla-lujah!" :)) ~ Sitting in a big girl high chair (instead of her bumbo) ... she got it for Christmas - thank you, Granny and Grampy and Gma and Frank! ~ Growing out of clothes like crazy!  She wears mostly 9-month onesies, but she's already starting to wear 12-month sleepers and pants!  Craziness! ~ Got her first tooth on December 16th ... just one, lonesome tooth, in the front, on the bottom ... super (extra) cute when she smiles really big! ~ Starting to pop another tooth through ~ Still a horrible napper during the day ... but she sleeps a lot at night, so mommy will take it! ~ Taking naps in her car seat ... hey, mama will take what she can get ;) ~ Tons of independent play ~ Still in the "mommy phase" (and mommy doesn't complain! ;)) ~ Not a big fan of adults she doesn't know, but she loves kids ~ Totally awesome all the way around! :D

What Mama is doing and learning ....
Growing in grace and thankfulness ~ Overwhelmed with God's provision and the hope and gratitude He has been filling my mind and life with! ~ Absolutely loving being a mom! ~ Growing more in love with Haddie everyday! ~ So grateful to be home with Haddie everyday ~ So thankful for the hodge podge jobs I have to bring in some extra income ~ So thankful for my parents' generosity to let us live with them to save and pay off debt and raise our family ~ So thankful for my Darrell! ~ Wanting another baby ~ Making plans to do some more consistent blogging ~ Figuring our how to get Haddie to nap a bit during the day ... so far, the car seat is our saving grace ;) ~ gaming with the hubby ~ absolutely loving this season of my life!

Practice is my word; thankfulness is my attitude!
Happy 2016, y'all! :)

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