Tuesday, January 12, 2016

FOTS: Patience

The last few times I've hopped on my blog, I've noticed that I don't finish what I start ... in the blog world, that is.  I start a "blog project," and then let it fall by the wayside.  Thought I'd try to change that ... starting today.  I started a blog series a long time ago called "FOTS" ... meaning Fruit of the Spirit.  If I remember correctly, I was studying Galatians 5:22-23 and thought I'd be a "good blogger" and post my thoughts about what I was learning.  I stopped the posts just three fruits in ... Love, Joy, Peace, Done.  Ha!  So let's go on to the fourth fruit today ... Patience.

As is true for all of the Fruit of the Spirit, patience is something we learn every single day ... at least, we can, if we just take the time to look for ways to learn it.  Last year, my husband and I learned a lot about patience.  We were pregnant with our first baby, and so my husband took a job with the Pepsi Beverage Company to provide more money for our family.  To keep the back story short, I'll just say that we went through some tough trials for the 9 months he worked there and discovered that Pepsi definitely was NOT for us.  During those months at Pepsi, we struggled immensely with the requirements of Darrell's job, our attitudes, and the specifics about HOW we wanted to raise our family.  We were incredibly discouraged and getting kind of desperate ... Darrell almost took a $6.50-an-hour pay-cut!  All the while, I was praying and hoping that another job would come along.  I was convinced that if we just "hung tight" and remained faithful, prayerful, and hopeful, something just right for us would come along.  And thankfully, just a few weeks after Darrell turned down the $6.50-an-hour, pay-cut job offer, his old job at the health center opened up again.  It was still a pay cut, but a doable pay cut.  And we have been so entirely thankful ever since.  Such a better fit for our family!

But it was because we were PATIENT that we received such a blessing.  If we had taken the huge pay cut, I would have definitely had to find a job ... and could we have afforded day care?  Gosh!  We learned so much about patience through that season at Pepsi, and we continue to learn it now as we seek God's guidance about how long to live with my parents, what kinds of job opportunities we need to look into so that we can eventually get our own place again, and which desires and plans for our family are most important and how to meet them.  Patience is a continual lesson around our house.  But we are growing through it ... growing to be more thankful, growing to trust God more, growing to remember and practice what is MOST important, and so many other lessons.

Here's to Patience ... one of the greatest teachers of all. :)

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