Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bethel is 4 months old!

Well, this post is oober later, but here it is! 4 months already! My dad came up to me yesterday and asked, "Does it seem like the days are just flying by?" And yes, yes they are!

What Bethel is doing and learning these days ....
Drinking sometimes 5, sometimes 6 ounces every 2-3 hours ~ Interacting with toys more ~ Exploring everything with her month ~ Shooting through her clothes - she will very soon be moved up to 6-9 month clothing! ~ cat nappin' throughout the day ~ Sleeping through the night a lot more consistently - whoop, whoop! ~ Becoming quite the little grabber ~ Still so chill ~ Growls and grunts a good amount ~ Likes to be rotated to new positions around the house ~ Has been sitting in her saucer and bumbo and doing so well in them ~ Holding herself up better when sitting and pushing herself up better when on her belly ~ Such a smiley girlie! :) ~ Got her first baby rash all over her body last week .... thankfully, Benadryl, prescribed by the doctor cleared it right up, and she was such a trooper! ~ Still as sweet as ever!

What Mama is doing and learning ...
BALANCE! ~ Giving myself grace ~ Rockin' my health bootcamp! ~ Trying to carve out more time for reading, Bible study, and prayer ... I'm gonna get this! ~ ADORING my young mamas' group - wow, it is life-giving! ~ Continuing to LOVE being a mom!! ~ eating so much better and exercising so much more than I ever have before! ~ Incredibly encouraged and thankful ~ Growing in pretty much every way all the time, it feels :) ~ Feeling empowered! ~ Excited for Spring!

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