Monday, May 8, 2017

Bethel's 5 & 6-month posts :)


Wow!  And I thought I was behind with Bethel's posts when I typed out her 4-month post.  Nope, this one takes the cake!  This will be Bethel's 5 and 6-month posts because #momlife is a REAL thing, folks!  Oh, well.  Sorry, Beth ... the woes of being the second born, I guess. ;)

This girl is so beautiful and chubby and happy and amazing!  We are so thankful for her beautiful, little life.  And of course, just like Haddie did (and is!), Bethel is growing like a weed!  She is learning to do all kinds of fun things.  She can roll from her back to her belly, but she's only done it a handful of times.  She grabs hold of everything, and of course, it goes straight to her mouth.  She is eating some solid food but not as much as her sister did at this age mostly because life is out of control with busyness most days!  But mama is working at it.  And sadly, it's not pureed food like Haddie's was.  Again ... woes of being the second born. ;)  I don't think she's hurting for food though. ;)  Bethel has this hilarious and adorable head bang that she does often.  She has all kinds of baby talk.  Her favorite sound is "da da."  It's always dad first ... geez. ;)  No teeth yet.  But surely, they will be here just around the corner.  She loves to sit up and watch what's going on, so she spends lots of time in her bumbo and saucer ... she lets us know when she gets bored and wants to be held. ;)  She likes to play with the baby hanging rings that you hang toys with, rattle-like toys, like her rudolph rattle toy and her rattle ball, and crinkly-sound toys.  She doesn't get much tummy time because mama is afraid she'll get trampled by her crazy, older sister.  She is a spitter, not much of a napper, but sleeping through the night (as far as we know), and she has a crush on her daddy.  I know there's plenty more to share, but that's all I have time for.

This mama is LOVING being a mama.  It's the hardest thing ever, but it's the most amazing too!  I am learning so much about grace, thankfulness, finding balance, choosing what's most important and saying yes to those things, growing in my health and fitness, excited about the young mamas' group I started at my church, and currently hearing my 2-year-old bang around in her room during "quiet time."  Should probably think about going to check on her soon, huh?  This mama is out for now!  We'll see if I can get Bethel's 7-month post up on time. ;)

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