Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bethel is 7 months old!

Gosh, I love this beautiful, smiley daughter of mine! She and her big sister are my joys! Love, love, love being their mama!

Bethel turned 7 months old on June 2nd, and I think she's gonna really take off with her development any day now.
She is ....
~ rolling back and forth from back to belly constantly
~ beginning to rotate herself around in partial circles while she putters around on the floor
~ clapping often
~ laughing at all kinds of goofy faces and peek-a-boo
~ not a fan of people she doesn't know well, especially men
~ 21 pounds, 26.5 inches!
~ eating tons of baby food, yogurt, and bananas
~ grabbing everything she can get her hands on
~ occupying herself in her bumbo and saucer for good chunks of time
~ liking our morning playtimes outside
~ Starting to give kisses ... at least to mommy ... as of today ❤❤❤

Mama is totally enjoying this season of motherhood. I still get worn out. I'm still ready for them to be in bed by 8:00 every night. But wow, I am so thankful to be Bethel and Haddie's mom! I am ready to start trying for baby #3, but the practical side of life may keep us from that for a bit. *Sigh* ... So I'll just enjoy my girlies and continue growing and learning for now. Continuing to learn so much about thankfulness and practicing it too. I'm also continually trying to practice prayer for others and proper prioritizin'. Keep first things first and let unnecessary things go, ya know? It's a process, peeps! And I am completely in love with my young mamas' group! So excited and thankful for these friendships and weekly refreshment for my soul. Also! Darrell recently started a Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Management online, and we are super excited for the opportunities that will open up for our family. It feels amazing to have a plan in place and goals to work toward. So proud of my hubby! ... I just feel so thankful and alive and free! God is so faithful and so gracious!

Until next time! ;)

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