Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bethel's 8 and 9-month posts!

Well, once again, I am super late with Bethel's monthly posts. I kept telling myself during her eighth month to get her post done, but I finally just decided to combine 8 and 9. Maybe I can make it my goal to stay caught up for the rest of the year ... it's only 3 more posts for crying out loud! Ha! Oh, the curse of being the second child!

Anyway! Bethel is up to so much these days! As her 8-month picture shows, she makes this scrunchy-nose face as she breathes heavy through her nose, and it is beyond adorable! She is quite the babbler, lots of baby sounds, grunts, squeals, yells, and screams! Her "words" include "had" and "dada". She is not crawling still, but she is a professional scooter, backwards and in circles. She's still trying to master going forward. But she's getting close to crawling! She's beginning to like pacifiers, chewing on them mostly. She enjoys crinkly-noise toys and rattle-sounding toys and spikey balls the best. She popped one tooth through about a month ago, and the others are taking their time following, no more just yet. She sits up well but can't get to a sitting position on her own. She is starting to explore getting herself down from sitting positions, but she often bonks her nose on the floor when she does. She's very good at picking up tiny objects, so we have to keep the floor picked up a bit better these days. She weighed over 22 pounds at her 9-month appointment. Bethel loves it when her sister makes her laugh. She likes peek-a-boo. She's a professional sleep fighter, doesn't take very long naps during the day but sleeps really well over night. She's eating lots more baby food and much less formula. She is a fairly good independent player, and we are slowly introducing her to quiet times in her crib in the afternoons from time to time. She enjoys sitting up, being outside, and anytime daddy gets home from work.

Mommy is loving this season as a mama! Yes, there are burn out days and days when I wish they would both take their nap at the same time and days when I'm ready to skip the bedtime routine and "clock out" at 8pm. But wow, I am loving it! Ready for number three, but we'll see how that goes. ;) God has been teaching me so much about thankfulness and worship and prayer and priorities in this season of my life! I have to fight for a thankful heart and wise attitudes to set the priorities that line up with God's priorities. I have to fight for the discipline to eat well and exercise regularly. I have to fight for the time to pray for others and prep for my moms' Bible study and simply breathe in God's presence. I have to fight for an attitude that says, "I'm gonna make everything I do worship ... whether dishes, diapers, drawing pictures, playdoh, no time to myself, cooking, spending 45 minutes feeding my baby in her bumbo, exhaustion ... I can turn these things into worship if I just refocus my attitude." And grace, sweet grace is always a lesson I'm enjoying learning. God is awesome! I'm so thankful for His work in my life!

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