Thursday, February 12, 2009


So ... many of my Facebook friends started tagging people in a "note" called "25 Random Things about Me." I don't know how to create a note on Facebook, so I'm gonna post my 25 randoms on here. :) You should read mine and then make a list of your own! What fun! :)

1. I gag on the wind ... among other things.
2. I really, really enjoy string cheese, smiley face fruit snacks, sweet tea, and my crocs.
3. I really like Starbucks, but I despise coffee. (I get hot chocolates and coffeeless fraps.)
4. I love it when people I don't know smile/say hello to me.
5. I am in love with people the ages of 7 and 17.
6. I am in love with my friends!
7. I am happiest when I am with my church family, my HG fam, the Cooks/Adamsons gang, my youth, and kids of all ages!
8. Starbucks friend dates with Ben, hugs from Emily, laughing with/at James, and Los Rancheros dates with Tiff and Hannah are my 4 all-time favorite things to do.
9. I really enjoy filling out useless information about myself (like these 25 randoms) ... although it DOES take a loooonnngg time! ;)
10. I have a new found love in my IUPUI sweatpants (In other words, I really enjoy being comfortable. I would choose sweats over dressing up ANY day!).
11. I really enjoy playing sports ... volleyball, football, and basketball are my favorite.
12. I have learned amazing lessons about surrender, contentment, and waiting in my walk with Jesus over the past several months.
13. I really like the names Uriah and Dinah from the Bible, and I'd like to name my kids these names someday.
14. I like to pray using a prayer journal.
15. I really enjoy working in the IUPUI University Writing Center. (I am actually in the UWC right now ... not many tutees ... none for me today.)
16. I do not like animals. Yep ... none of them. ("When (not if!) pets attack!" is my motto!)
17. I adore my little brother, Wes, and I went all out his senior year ... He played basketball, and I put up signs at basketball games, gave him goody bags before each game, and even made t-shirts! "Cheer for Wes!" "Wes is the best!" .... Yes, I AM THAT CHEESY! :D
18. I am not a very touchy person. I'm getting better, but I have a phobia of prolonged touches. (No joke!)
19. Although I'm not touchy ... hugs from Emily, Judy, Ben, James, Jared Wade, Tiff, Kim Svoma, Uncle Mike, and Adam Cook make me so happy that I want to cry! Yes, I am that sappy.
20. I am in love. (As much as I know what that means!) Ha ha!
21. My favorite human characteristic of all time is .... consistency of character (and going along with that ... people who make things right when they mess up).
22. Steak and potatoes are my all-time favorite foods!
23. I want my cause of death to laughing myself to death. :D
24. I am a pro at sleeping. I hit my pillow, and I'm out - every night. I could take a 3 hour nap earlier in the day and STILL zonk out within 30 seconds of hitting my pillow!
25. I love to dance. I'm a wicked awesome dancer (Just catch me in a dancin' mood! ... which is a lot of the time!). :)

Wow! Aren't we glad the list is random! 'Cause I was all over the board! :D


Anonymous said...

Fun-ness. :)

I read your email and blog while I ate dinner. Thanks!

Have a wonderful weekend! Dance every day...I skipped around the GFC parking lot tonight, and I danced at work while Matt played his guitar. Beat that, hah! ;)


Wani said...

I think that was alot more than 25 things!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

"I am in love with people the ages of 7 and 17"

Yes! I technically fit the list! :)

Sorry, forget to comment on this earlier. :)


jan said...

Mical, I need you! You are such an "up" person! I'm very thankful for your friendship.:-)
This was a great list.