Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Not Enough, yet He Completes Me

Did you know that when you spend time with the Lord, He speaks to you?
Profound, I know. ;) And it's true. ... Sometimes, I forget that though. I'm trying to get back into a healthy relationship with the Lord ... 'cause our relationship has been pretty distant for the past year - 'cause I haven't been spending much time with Him. ... And furthermore, did you know that if you ask God to reveal Himself to you in new ways (gaining an eternal perspective, for example ;)), He will? ... Yep, both questions sound so simple, but oh, how I forget them - oh, how I forget to ask these questions of myself, how often I make them difficult ideas. Do you?

The past couple of days ... in my devotions ...
I'm not enough.
He completes me.
When we grasp these ideas, we get yet another step closer to gaining an eternal perspective.

I'm not enough ...
If I viewed myself differently, would I live a different kind of life?
~ If I chased away my insecurities instead of dwelling on them ....
~ If I thanked God for my abilities and personality traits and asked Him to grow me in the immature areas of my life ....
~ If I replaced the negative thoughts I have about myself with positive ones ....

.... then I would be a more adventurous, more upbeat, more content person because I would have learned to see these things the way God sees them (EP!) ... Or let's put it in present tense --- If I view myself differently, then I will begin to take risks, always look at the positive things, and never bum out about where I'm at in life. Cool, huh?

He completes me ...
Anything I am is what God made me to be.
Therefore, I shouldn't get caught up in my insecurities because insecurities come from a mind that believes it is something on its own. In reality, God is the only one who makes us something. So if my security is solely based on Christ Jesus and His sacrifice on the Cross, then when my mind is focused on this life-perspective, my insecurities can't bog me down.

God always works in us. Praise be to Him!
Do you have a lesson you want to learn? Do you want to see God in a new way?
Ask Him to teach you ... 'cause He WILL.

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