Sunday, January 5, 2014

Currently (January 2014)

Yay!  These posts are so fun!  I'm stealing this idea from Emily again. :)

Currently, I am ...

PROUD.  Yep.  I am a prideful person.  Haha!  I've been learning a lot about myself in this first year of marriage.  Partially 'cause it's my first year of marriage and partially 'cause I've been growing in my walk with Jesus.  Always a good thing, right?  It's always good to grow, but sometimes, we find ugly things in our spirits when we grow.  And God's been teaching me a lot about my prideful spirit.  I am learning that being a perfectionist is, beneath the surface, a heart issue ... and ultimately, pride.  So I am striving to overcome my perfectionist/prideful tendencies.

THINKING ... about how ungrateful I can be at times.  About 3 months after we moved into our apartment (around June or July of last year), we put up some long-awaited home decor that I was oober excited about!  I've been wanting to put up the rest of our picture frames and wall decor for months and months, and today, I convinced Darrell to help me ... I got my hopes up.  But then our power screw driver didn't work, so we couldn't put anything up.  And instead of just letting it go and finding something else to do, I sulked.  And all of a sudden, I started feeling bored and mad and woe is me and just plain ungrateful.  Isn't it funny how a bad attitude can hit so hard and so quick sometimes?  Lame.  So I prayed for some perspective, and I got this ... I am bored and upset over picture frames on this snowed-in day while probably thousands of people around Indianapolis are living on the streets in this quickly-accumulating snow and soon-to-be frigid temperatures!  Double lame.  So needless to say, I started feeling thankful.  Thankfully.

FEELING ... incredibly blessed!  Ha!  I was feeling unthankful and frustrated and bored, and now, I'm feeling so blessed for our cozy, cute, little apartment, for extra time with my hubby today because we're snowed in, for extra money to put on debt this year (we took some time to look at our budget earlier today), for salvation and purpose in Jesus ... and so many other things.

WATCHING ... at this very moment, we're watching the Cincinnati Bengals lose to the San Diego Chargers (27-10) ... sorry, Cincy. .... Darrell and I have been watching a decent amount of Dr. Who, and over my break from workin' at the school, I've been watching some fun animated movies - Lilo and Stitch 2, Kronk's New Groove, and Pocahontas 2.  Nice ...

EXCITED ... about growing in Jesus and spending time with my SoZo kids and being married to the most wonderful man in the world and reading lots of good books and paying off more debt ... all in 2014 :)

READING ... Ha!  What am I NOT reading right now?  Wow!  I am trying to read several books right now.  My Bible ... Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst ... Jesus Calling by Sarah Young ... Conversation Peace by Mary Kassian ... Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman ... and I think I'm gonna return The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers to the church library until I can get some of these other books read.  Haha!

MISSING ... my friend, Emily, Pastor Mike and Shelley, my size 14 jeans (but I'm gonna get 'em back!), the Higher Ground group from back in the day, our 20somethings group (but we should be meeting again this Wednesday - yay!), and church ... it was cancelled for the first time in like 7 years!

WONDERING ... what the future will bring.  We've been looking into prophecies and seeing the signs of them being fulfilled lately ... Jesus is coming back SOON!  So thankful GOD is in control, not us!

WORKING ... not much lately.  I've been off from my job for just over two weeks 'cause the kids are on Christmas break.  And I get another day off tomorrow because of all the snow!  But I've been thinking a lot about SoZo for this year and doing some work with that ... and I've been cleaning the apartment a bit more on break and cooking a bit more.

STRESSED ... thankfully, I haven't been stressed for quite a while.  Just been growing in thankfulness ... and it's just a great season of life.

WANTING ... to be more of a servant and faithful and thankful and purpose-driven and encouraging and intentional and loving.  I also want to pay off our debt completely and have our little Zeke and Hadassah sometime in the near future.

DRINKING ... more water and all kinds of TEA!!! :)  My mom's bookstore/cafe'/tea shop is going out of business, so she ordered a bunch of tea for me before closing day.  I've got at least 8 POUNDS of yummy tea leaves ... all kinds of great flavors ... ready to drink away!  Mmmm ...

EATING ... fewer carbs and less sugar and more meat and veggies.  And I'm about to make some steak and veggies and potatoes for dinner.  Wahoo!

WISHING ... we could get out and do something today ... just kinda antsy today.  But we're all snowed in, and everything is closed.

LOVING ... my beautiful, loving husband ... my church family ... my godly and generous parents and in-laws ... our cozy, cute, little apartment ... and just feeling thankful and content these days.

You all should steal this post too!  Have a great Sunday, and stay safe and warm if you're snowed in too!

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