Friday, January 3, 2014

My Turn :)

I read Emily's New Year's post and Hannah's New Year's post ... now it's my turn to write one! :)

Life is crazy!  Life is constantly changing!  Life is so unstable ... unstable if you don't have Jesus, that is.  And life on this planet is only gonna get crazier and less stable because Jesus is coming back - and soon!  His return is closer than ever, and that is exciting and scary at the same time!  In 2014, I want my life to be all about growing to be more like Jesus ... finding ways to love and serve more intentionally, going deeper in my personal Bible study and prayer times and challenging my SoZo kidos to do the same, being more of an encourager.  I wanna do and be all of these things for God's glory, so that I will grow and be challenged, so that other people will see the power of Jesus through my life!  It's so exciting to live for Jesus! ... I think we, Christians but me the most, lose this perspective on a regular basis.  Being a Christian is an adventure!  There is room to grow in every circumstance, in every relationship, in every personal quiet time.  We just have to dig deep and focus on the Lord instead of ourselves.  I am a professional selfish person, but I am growing into more of an others-centered person slloowwly but surely. :) I try everyday.  And I will keep trying!  And I am so excited to see what EACH DAY of 2014 has to bring.  Not only is 2014 an adventure with God, but EACH DAY of 2014 is an adventure!  Moment by moment, let's fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith AND our lives!  Let's go deeper, live more abundantly, and be even more thankful EACH DAY of this New Year, shall we?

This is where you say ... YES!  Yes, we shall. ;)

What are some of your hopes and dreams for this year?  Here are some of mine ... :)

GO DEEPER --- Follow through with my church's 60-day Bible reading challenge and then keep going! --- Become a prayer warrior --- Read more books --- Grow in thankfulness --- Grow in faithfulness --- Do good --- Send more letters of encouragement --- Find ways for the youth group to serve more consistently --- Help our youth group and college-age kids go deeper in their faith --- Provide daily devotionals for the SoZo-ers EVERY week this year --- Keep learning to communicate WELL with my husband --- Make better choices concerning food and exercise --- Be more intentional in my relationships --- Drink more water --- Follow the Dave Ramsey plan wholeheartedly (and with our whole wallet) --- Pay off debt --- Visit some old folks --- Blog more --- Sing more with my husband --- Get some perspective about my perfectionism (pride) --- Be more of a servant --- Give more

I'm sure the list could keep going if I thought long and hard enough ... but that's a great start, don'tcha think?  Let's keep growing and overcoming and loving EACH and EVERY DAY, okay?? :)  Okay!  Happy New Year, y'all! :)

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