Monday, December 5, 2016

Bethel is 1 month old!

Our beautiful girlie number two is already a month old!  It's craziness!  Bethel turned a month old on December 2nd ... wow, the time is flying!

What Bethel is doing and learning ....
Drinking 3 ounces of formula every 2-4 hours ~ Holding her head up amazingly so ~ Sleeping in her own bed on her tummy since 2 1/2 weeks old ~ Sleeping 3-4 hour stretches over night ~ Loves being with her daddy ... he has the touch! ~ Pretty much over her spit ups ~ Super congested all the time ... poor, kid ~ Enjoys her swing for short times throughout the day (usually after she eats - when she's the happiest) ~ A super pooper ~ Already likes her pacifier

What Mama is doing and learning ....
~ Sleep-deprived but getting lots of help from daddy and grandparents ~ Thankful for my girlies but wow am I worn out! ~ Adjusting better to two babies but wow some days are rough ~ Learning that I may not be cut out to be a stay-at-home mom ~ Looking for a full-time job ~ House hunting with my hubby ~ Putting money into savings ~ Loving Haddie's smiles and laughter ~ Loving holding Bethel and staring into each other's eyes ~ Struggling emotionally as we begin disciplining Haddie, our awesome, strong-willed girl ~ Continuing to overcome self-condemnation ~ Continually trying to carve out QUALITY time with Jesus ~ Working at The Porch with the girls ... my mom is amazing and helps me out so much ~ House cleaning ~ Loving the young mamas' group I started a few months back ~ Loving being a mom to my beautiful girlies ~ Thankful for God's grace and patience ~ Thankful for the way having children makes me grow in my faith ... even though (or is it because? ;)) it's the hardest thing I've ever done!!! ~ So thankful for our amazing support system, especially our parents and Gma ~ So, so, so thankful for my amazing husband who helps me so much with the girls, offers to get up with Bethel overnight even when he works the next day, and offers me all the unconditional love, patience, and grace that I could possible hope for ~ Praying for my girlies' salvation ~ Thankful the girls are taking a nap at least some days so that I get a break! ~ So thankful that God constantly teaches us and never gives up on us and gives us grace to get through each circumstance

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