Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Status that Wouldn't Fit in her Facebook Status Box

is not ready for Monday ... but she's pretty excited about a few things, so the week will be great!
#1 - Jesus is her Lord.
#2 - She's gonna be studying what it means to have a teachable spirit for the next month!
#3 - Her bosom buddy Emily is coming home on Wednesday (finally!).
#4 - SoZo is amazing, and she is in love with her youth!
#5 - She's got after school with some amazing inner city kids on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon.
#6 - She only has 12 weeks left of college!
#7 - She better stop now 'cause life is so good that she could go on forever.
.... Praise God for His faithfulness, grace, and joy!!! Have a great week, everyone! Live fully. Love deeply. Laugh loudly. 'Cause Jesus came so that we might have LIFE and have it ABUNDANTLY!!!! :D

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Anonymous said...

Once After School gets started, please post some more pictures of the kids on your Facebook, so we can see 'em all!

Did you see that IPS had one of its best enrollment rates ever?
Do think that its because fewer people can afford private schools in this economy, or because some people are getting happier with
the conditions/quality/etc. of IPS?

I don't know if you even thought about this.....but whenever I see articles about IPS, I start to think about inner-city ministries.