Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hit On

So my bosom buddy, Emily, and I get together on a regular basis ... and while we're together, we get "checked out," as we like to call it, by guys ... everywhere. we. go. We're gorgeous babes. Who can blame the guys, right? ;) Ha ha! .... Occasionally, it's pretty creepy, but most of the time, it's just amusing.

Well, I bring you this short story because today ... not 20 minutes ago ... I was sitting in the grass on IUPUI's campus eating my lunch, and within 5 minutes time not one but two guys hit on me. I'm not joking!

But there's a catch .... does it count if they wanted me to pay them money??? Ha ha!

They were being "voted for" ... or so they said. The first guy was pretty charming ... and eventually pulled out a list of magazines ... I told him I had no money to give him ... and yet he persisted to ask me questions about my hobbies and my major, acting interested in my life. Ha ha! He even went so far to say that the money he made would take him to Australia ... where he "needed a dance partner" ... namely - me. Hilarious. .... I finally started laughing, and he said "what's so funny?" I (hopefully) said politely, "You're funny. I told you I don't have any money, and you're still here." He just smiled, picked up his stuff, and said thanks for letting him chat with me. .... The next guy didn't even pull out his list of magazines 'cause I told him straight up "Some guy already hit me up, and I have no money." He smiled, asked my major and my name, and then told me I was the "cutest Mical he'd ever seen." Then he gave me a high five and told me he wouldn't bug me.

Pretty stinkin' hilarious.
Now, tons of girls all over this campus today will be experiencing these two guys ... and most likely more. I say girls ... 'cause I watched these guys ... and they only picked on the girls ... probably feeding them the same "dance" and "cutest" lines. Nice guys. I'll give 'em credit for that. ...... But I bet I'm the only girl who blogs about 'em! :D


jubilosa said...

Oh Mical.

Ha, this sort of thing happens with customers in retail, too....random guys (some young, others not-so-young) think that they are really funny stuff.

Things like, "Is anyone with you?"
(meaning, are you being helped?)

"Well, I'm married, but thanks for asking, babe." *wink, wink*

Something like that.

It's quite disgusting, but the ridiculousness of it all brings humor afterwards.

Other times it's just lonely men who respond to a friendly face. The middle-age man who misses his collegeiate daughter....the young man whose sister died last year...the 75-year-old widower who feels that no one cares...etc. When you treat people with the warmth of Christ, they are drawn to it. They respond. They bring gifts, they tell jokes, they compliment, not because they are creepy but because they are trying, in their own awkwardly charming way, to reciprocate the warmth.

And other times it's just the hormones.


emily said...

hahaha! i told jerry about the smitten truck drivers that saw us driving down I65 to Nashville....

we're just too much to handle apparently! LOL