Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Status

So ... in light of my last post .... Hannah told me it was fairly depressing.
I'm gonna post another short thought.

If you have facebook, you know that writing in some kind of status is "the thing to do" in the facebook world. And it's tons of fun!
I change my status all the time ... what's up with that, by the way?
Why is telling the world what you're doing so much fun?
Am I prideful? Obsessed with myself? Lacking a life? Ha ha ha!
Anyway ... getting off again. :)
So here's a status for today .....

Mical Lynn Masterson is excited about life because even though love is often hard ... it is so worth it in the end. She would not trade the people she's loved and been hurt over for the world. And she would not trade the lessons she's learned. :) She's gonna stick to one of her favorite quotes when it says: "Love deeply. Live fully. Laugh loudly."

Life is good 'cause God's so faithful. :)
Have a fantastic week, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

This is, like, so totally Mical. :)