Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flesh-Driven or Spirit-Led?

So ... like I often do ... I didn't mean to post that last post.
When I started it ... "So I finished reading Having a Mary Spirit ...." I meant to type out a powerful passage of the book and leave it at that.
Ha! I forgot .... I'm Mical Masterson.
When do I ever stay on topic ... even with myself?
Too funny!
Well, this post is all about a passage from Having a Mary Spirit.
It is amazing and speaks for itself, so get ready!
I must warn you though .... if you don't want any conviction at the moment, don't read this.
But then again ... if you don't want any conviction at the moment, then you need to read this!
So just do it! :)

"Remember the church building program I told you about in the first chapter of this book? Now, three years later, our new facility is almost complete. But even more exciting to me is the fact that we get to keep our existing church building for a youth and ministry outreach center. That means we will be able to fulfill the dreams and visions we had in the beginning, the very dreams and visions that had to be scaled back because of finances. In His mysterious and marvelous way, God has opened a door to more ministry opportunities for less money - and right in the middle of town rather than on our new, less accessible campus.
I had a dream, you see, but God had a better idea. Which is usually the case. So often we feel frustrated in our walk with God because of what seem like roadblocks and detours. We feel as though God has forsaken us - or, worse, that we somehow misinterpreted His will. One way or another, our joy is depleted, our passion runs dry, and we settle for motions rather than movements in our walk with God.
However, we have a choice. We always have a choice. Either we can trust the Spirit's leading, or we can insist on going our own way. But let me tell you - only one choice leads to life. The other marks a gradual descent toward spiritual death, for no one can refuse God's will and prosper.
When I finally - and grudgingly - surrendered my dreams for our church building to God, I was giving them up for good. I had no idea He would resurrect them - and in a way that would be better for everyone. God really did have a better idea, but I couldn't see it until I chose to obey and follow.
We miss so much when we insist on being flesh-driven rather than Spirit-led. When we power walk in a Martha spirit - pushing, striving, and conniving - rather than adopting a Mary spirit that says, 'Wherever You lead me, Lord. I just want to be close to You,' we miss out on so many of God's good ideas ... and our chance to be a part of them.
That is why I keep on praying, 'Lord, change me.'
I want to have a heart that ponders rather than fears.
A heart that believes that God will do what He says He will do, though everything around me shouts to the contrary.
I want a Mary spirit. Oh, I'm glad God understands my Martha-ness and that He is not put out with me when I dream big dreams and go full tilt. But I'm also glad He doesn't allow me to continually operate in Martha overdrive.
In His mercy, God confounds me. He reins me in and prunes me back. And He leads me on, often along paths I don't understand. For He has much more in mind for me and for His kingdom than I can see or even know.
So I'm learning not to get uptight when things don't go my way. For if I can, like the Marys we've studied, keep in step with the Spirit, He will show me which path to take. And, better yet, I'll receive what my spirit longs for.
A gentle, beautiful life, inside and out. A soul at rest and a body in motion. A life lived in the presence of my precious Lord.
And always, as I follow His footsteps, the promise of something astonishing and new."

Galatians 5:16
Walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.

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