Wednesday, August 5, 2009

9th Time's a Charm!

So ... the only thing I've ever remembered wanting to do with my life is be a teacher.

I love kids ... teens ... young people.
I love hanging out with them, interacting with them, engaging in conversation with them.
It's my favorite thing to do - ever!

To say that ... if you haven't heard ... I'm taking the Praxis ... again.
And in case you don't remember what that is ...
It's a test (much like the SAT) that you have to pass in order to get into your teaching "blocks," as they're called.
3 sections - math, writing, and reading comprehension.
I passed the math and the writing the first time I took 'em ... but the reading? Whew!
8 times.
Yes ... WHOA!

But maybe the 9th time's a charm, eh?
We shall see. ;)

I'm writing this post more for myself, I guess.
To remind myself that I can't give up.
And I've come to realize that I (obviously) don't know how. :)

So .... it's on to the Praxis once again.
Saturday, January 9, 2010 ....
(Prayers appreciated!) ;)

Onward, Mical! :)

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Anonymous said...

I like the closing phrase. It would be a neat signoff.




Remember those '90s movies, Homeward Bound?

Mical, Onward Bound. :)