Friday, August 14, 2009


So I stumbled across these "Boga-isms" while I was cleaning out my desk today, and I laughed out loud through most of them.
Sadly, most of you won't understand these 'cause you had to be in Bogalusa (and in the situation) to get most of 'em ... but they are still fun.
I could resist ... they are a great blog post. :)

"He's more creepy up close."
- Josie Knapp to me about a guy we helped while we were there.

"My forgetter is what works best."
- Mr. Denver

"I didn't know you were so that way."
- Pastor Marcus to me

"You're the female version of Billy Mays."
- Frank Bennett to me

"A stick just fell from the sky!"
- Tyler Bennett (I love that kid!)

"Come back, Subway cup!"
- Tyler

"I think we all look like we've been ran over by a truck."
- Madison Johnson

"Gas station bathrooms are filth incarnate."
- Christopher Fales (he also called them "nuclear waste disposals ... couldn't forget that one!)

"Umm, can you make me pregnant?"
- Tori (from the Poplar Bluff group) to me ... and she was referring to a skit, by the way ... she was a pregnant lady. ;)

"Umm, I don't know what to do. You just got a text message."
- Charlie (from the PB group)

"Get it, girl!"
- Leah Baker

"You're not cute!"
- Pastor Mike

"I like this book because people get shot in the face by arrows."
- Tyler Bennett (the quote that started it all!)

"I'm glad i'm not an adult right now because of the economic downturn."
- Again ... Tyler Bennett ... he is a hoot!

"You're so cautious."
- Tyler to me

"Mical is a nice girl, but she's so cautious."
- Tyler to his dad ... "being careful" is an inside joke between the three of us. Ha ha! Yes!

"We're all gonna suffocate and die!"
- Madison

"The world's most awesome flea market"
- Katherine Peterson
"More like the world's lamest flea market."
- Me

"Freakin' ridonkalous!"
- Madison

"Stupid monkey."
- Jeremy Wright talking to the door we put in at Miss Sadie's. You wouldn't believe the time we had with that silly door!!!

"Bye, human."
- Brian Reagan ... and me and Frank and Tyler all week long.

"Strike 22, Johnson."
- Jeremy gave Madison strikes throughout the week for silly things. Good times!

"I'm going down with the guys and Mariah."
- Leah
"Have a nice life!"
- Madison to Leah

"It should be called the 'I hate my life' bone."
- Me after someone hit their funny bone.

"Hungry elbows?"
- Shelley Chambers after she misheard someone say 'angry hobos.'" ... Don't ask me why they said it; I have no idea! ;)

I KNOW there were other great lines ... but these were some really great quotes I wrote down as I heard 'em throughout the week in Bogalusa. ..... Good times! :)

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Fun memories!