Monday, May 4, 2009

The Greatest Passion of My Life!!!

Ha! Did ya'll think I died again? .... I never post anymore. What a sad story. .... Life is amazingly busy for me right now ... more so than ever before! ... And only getting busier - 'cause I'm just too passionate about some things ... kids! People! ... And since people are everywhere, I overcommit myself like crazy!

I've been working at an after school program on the Eastside of Indianapolis through a church called Shepherd Community Center. My good friend, James, works there, and he asked for volunteers back in January. He said the word, "Kids," and I was doomed. ;) .... I am stinkin' in love with people between the ages of 6 and 16. I am more alive hanging out with them than with anyone! And the kids at this after school program have been the highlight of my life since I started helping out with the program back in January.

They are urban kids. From rough neighborhoods. Many from really messed up homes. Crimes taking place on their streets, on their front porches, in their homes. Drugs. Shootings. Thefts. Sexual abuse. Domestic abuse. Emotional abuse. Neglect. And the list goes on. .... I only know what my friend, James, tells me. I don't see it on a day to day basis like him; he lives on the Eastside. ... All I get to see are the kids - two days a week. And all I know is that I am completely in love with them. I've worked a little in urban kids' ministry over the years. When Wheeler Mission was still doing kids/youth programs, I helped out with a few day/3-day camps for 6 years. I did other, spuradic events through Wheeler as well. And I really enjoyed it! ..... But! But! Working with these kids at after school a couple days a week, on a much more regular basis has helped me love it even more! Heck. Love is not the right word. PASSION. Passionate is a much better word! I am flippin' passionate about these kids! ... I love them so much that I don't know what to do with myself!!! .... This is it! This is what I want to do with my life!

Have you ever found something like this? Have you ever found your passion and had so many ideas, such much desire to DO and to BE and LOVE that you didn't know what to do with yourself? .... Oh, man! I want to be apart of these kids' lives more than I've ever wanted anything! But how? How can I be more apart?

Opportunities are popping up everywhere! I just need to know which doors to run through. Because no, I won't be walking!!! I'm too excited for that! .... If ya'll think about it ... would you pray about this for me? .... I have some great opportunities heading my way ... but I need to know what GOD wants me to do; I need to know which doors to walk through (and at what speed ... maybe I can walk but not run through some ... and maybe I need to shut some doors). I'm continuing to seek the Lord about these things.

Ha! And to think I got on here to write about my progress/crying fits concerning surrendering my love life to Christ. I really am the tangent queen! ;) .... Well, didn't proofread this don't have time 'cause I'm off to be with my after school kids!!!! Ahh!!!! I'm so excited! ... Have a great day all!


Big Doofus said...

Mical. This is very cool. I'm glad to know that you're so passionate about kids because I know they need you and your passion in their lives.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mical!

Ah, yes. You have experienced what has come to be known as "The Sack of Potatoes Moment."
You know, when something hits you like a sack of potatoes right to the head?
"This is it!"
"This is what I want to do with my life!"

That is the moment when your calling (secondary calling, stemming out of your primary calling) hits you like, well, a sack of potatoes.

And you've had that moment.

Countless young people are experiencing that, especially this time of year, as graduation rolls around, as life seasons change.

It seems almost every week I hear about some friend, acquaintance, or stranger who had their personal "Sack of Taters" moment.

I'm still waiting on mine.
God is taking His time to wind up His throw with my sack, but that's ok, because I know He's gonna hit the mark just right.
And He most certainly does not need my help to do that. :)

I'll be praying for you in this section of your life. It's so exciting--how many ways is the Lord going to use you? How can you be more poured out for Him in this specific area? How will this change the course of your life? How will this change the course of each child's life? How will this impact and forever change a life, a home, a neighborhood, a community, a city, a state, a country, a world?

It would scary if the God of all the universe wasn't behind it all, guiding each step, and scripting every single point.

What joy to have found your passion...or one of your many passions. God has a way of adding new ones, phasing out old ones, and expanding on current ones.

Keep running after your Gift!

Love in Christ, The King of the Universe,