Saturday, January 1, 2011

The 2010 Recap

Alright. Well, I have orders, from my bosom buddy, to get blogging again. So here, I try. :)

Day one of 2011. Isn't it nuts how fast life goes? Older folks always tell me that life gets faster as you get older ... and that blows my mind 'cause my life is already zooming by! ... In effort to not forget this past fast year, Emily, I loved your idea to recap your 2010, so I'm gonna do the same.

In all its hurry, my 2010 is already gone, 'tis true ... but some great stuff came out of it too!

~ At the beginning, I set out on a journey through God's grace. What a journey it was! I was incredibly blessed to really focus on God's grace ... just glimpses of it. I learned that a hug from one of my after school kids and a conversation with one of my SoZo kids and rain and song lyrics and a day spent watching movies on the couch were all glimpses of God's grace at work in my life. How incredible, to know and experience a (THE) God who loves His children so much that He lavishes His grace on them in both big and small ways. I will never forget this year's grace. :)

~ I finished working in the writing center at IUPUI and continued working with the SoZo-ers and started my job at the after school program in Danville .....

*Writing Center - I said goodbye to some really great people and tutors ... and the campus on which I spent 3 1/2 years of my life trudging back and forth to classes, feeling lonely and even, uncomfortable, with all the secular vibes.
*SoZo - I continued to grow in my leadership position ... slowly started overcoming insecurities in youth ministry (although I've still got a long way to go!) ... grew to love the teenagers even more ... and developed a friend in Andy - he's not just one of my kids; he's my friend and a huge encouragement to me.
*After school - whew! That's been a trial! 15-20 crazy 5 and 6 year olds all to myself everyday after school. They are beyond a handful ... and I lose my patience far too often. But I've tried to be consistent in apologizing to the kids, starting over the next day ... and I'm doing something right 'cause I get bombarded with hugs when I walk in everyday. :) And I can find something that I like about each one of my "little crazies," and I've had a few chances to instill godly ideals and even outright talk to them about Jesus ... so God knew what He was doing when He provided this job. It's been pretty crazy there ... but I'm looking forward to trying again this year.

~ I started taking dance lessons!!!! And they have been totally amazing!!! I've been learning so much ... and doing so well. I've found one of the greatest passions of my life in DANCE. I'm good at it! I love it! I'm enjoying it more than anything I've ever done in my whole life! And there's so much more dancing to come! :)

~ And probably the greatest part of 2010 is that I got to see the FAITHFULNESS OF GOD at work in my life. 2010 was the worst year of my spiritual life ... in that ... I struggled to desire God and His Word and prayer more in this past year of my life than in all of my other "following God" years! I strived and strived and strived. And striving may sound good ... but I don't think it was ... or at least I hated it! The definition of striving is "to exert serious effort; to struggle in opposition." And that's what I did almost all year. It was such a struggle ... almost like an invisible wall was standing in opposition against me ... keeping me from WANTING God and His ways. I just got so sick of it all ... not even wanting TO WANT Jesus! Blah. But anyways ... God, in all His mighty grace and faithfulness and love for me, never stopped working. He never stopped tugging at my heart or let me go. He's been stirring hopes and dreams in me, confirming things in me, exciting things in me ... pushing me to dwell on gaining an eternal perspective ... and I've just been so thankful.

So now ... for 2011 and beyond ... I am dedicating my life to working at this thing that I harp on all the time - GAINING AN ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE. And I bet that part of the eternal perspective has to do with not letting the "hurry" of life be couch time and neglecting my Bible. Ha! Of course it isn't! An eternal perspective can only come from putting more of Jesus into my life ... or rather ... making Jesus my life! And that's what an eternal perspective is all about ... JESUS. Thinking like Him, being like Him, living for Him. So here's to JESUS in 2011. :):):)


emily said...

i love you mical lynn :)
wish i could've been with you this past year!

Anonymous said...

looooove this!! I might steal this idea :D