Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Dance Instructor :)

God's grace. It's always at work.

I've been struggling with where I'm at in my life these days ... not doing what I thought I'd be doing; my heart's not in SoZo right now; after school's not my favorite place to be ... in short, I've not been keeping an eternal perspective - even though that's the goal. And when our eyes get off Jesus, we tend to be discontent. But I'm also restless. Been feeling God at work in me for quite sometime - He's getting ready to move me ... somewhere, for something big - just trying to pinpoint exactly what it is. So I've been battling some up and down emotions for the past month or so.

I walked in to the dance studio tonight down, but I left more up than I've been in a long time. Randy is my dance instructor, and he is amazing. He really helped me tonight, with so much more than dance. We danced, and we talked about dance, sure ... but oh, the conversation! I think it all started when he asked me about my frustrations with dance, but that turned into my fears about life, which turned into me spilling some struggles I've been trying to deal with for quite some time, which turned into some great advice, which turned into another eternal perspective realization.

Randy helped me realize that an eternal perspective can be used with the snap of the finger ... For example, when I find myself thinking negative thoughts, any thought that is dragging me down and putting me into a funk, I need to change what I'm thinking about. An eternal perspective can be changed in a second if I replace the negative thought with a positive one. "For every negative thought, think of three positive ones," Randy told me. And he's right. He reminded me that I had so much to be thankful for. And with his advice, and his digging around to help me draw out my fears and frustrations, he has helped me think further on this eternal perspective thing. ... And what a blessing the whole conversation was. I came away so encouraged and even more impressed with the person Randy is. He is a gift from God! ... I was telling my mom tonight that dancing is simply a PERK ... that the real privilege of being apart of the dance studio is knowing and talking to and getting hugs and encouragement from Randy every day. Thank you, Lord, for Randy Rud. :)

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