Sunday, January 9, 2011

Glorying in Christ

Tonight, for SoZo, we looked at Philippians chapter 3.

Philippians 3:3 says, "For we are the circumcision, who worship by the Spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh."

We took a closer look at each part of this verse, and my favorite part is part 3: "glory in Christ Jesus."
What does it mean to "glory in Christ?"

I took a look at a commentary by somebody Ironside ... it was on Pastor's shelf in his office. Why not? :) Glorying in the Lord is boasting in the Lord. Well, what does it mean to "boast in Christ?" So I took a stab at it ... glorying in Jesus is boasting in and about Him ... it's realizing that we are NOTHING without Him and living in light of that understanding - living humble, thankful, and servant-filled lives.
To take this a step further, glorying in God is always striving to keep an ETERNAL PERSPECTIVE. Eternal Perspective - living humbly and in thankfulness, asking how we can honor God in every situation, realizing that nothing on this earth compares to knowing and living for Christ, and living in light of eternity. My SoZo kids are probably nearly insane from all my references to EP during youth group, but maybe that'll make it "set in" in their minds too. ;)

I'm so excited that this eternal perspective is beginning to set in. I can't do much these days without thinking "eternal perspective" ... "okay, I'm upset when I need to have an eternal perspective in this situation" ... "breath. Where's your eternal perspective?" .... Okay, so I don't always think this. But I think it often. So I'm excited about that ... and I'm excited to keep trying - not only in "thinking EP" but putting it into practice - actually HAVING an eternal perspective in those specific instances. It's a process, that's for sure.
Continuing on .... :)

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Anonymous said...

yay!!! So excited for you and for working on having an Eternal Perspective! You always challenge me with your posts!! :) Love you CCF!